See the World…episode 6

It’s Sunday…and time for another in Iohan Gueorguiev‘s video series, See the World.

This time it’s SEE THE WORLD 6: Copper Canyon and The Backroads of Mexico.

These videos are so great…so full of gentle humor and good vibes.

And….you get to see things out in the world that I don’t know how I’d get to see, otherwise.

Iohan is still out there riding his bike, still travelling, so my Sunday morning routine is safe for a little while, at least.

I think that he has 12 of these videos so far.

Of course, I can type faster than he can ride, so at some point I may have to figure out something else to write about on Sunday.

That’s OK….there’s no sense trying to wait him out while he gets another video together.

I’ve got a life, too, you know.

it’s the soundtrack

I have a buddy at work who comes in early and gets the mail ready for us…to get ready to take out on the mail route.

He blares good rock and roll while he works….and if I get in early enough, I can listen and get energized before everybody else gets there and we have to turn it all down….or, even worse, off.

I know that it’s the soundtrack that gets the ball rolling.

Everything else is just going through the motions without a good soundtrack to keep things rocking.

Look at this video…it’s a short one this time….about Yvon Chouinard’s son, Fletcher, and his surfboard business, FCD Surfboards.

Look at the life in this video!!

I don’t think they really expect or encourage us to be creative at the USPS.

It’s not like it was at art school.

It’s not like that.

But…a rogue bit of rock and roll in the morning, surreptitiously blasting before we’re found out, really gets my day started off right.

It’s all about the soundtrack….and I control the soundtrack whenever I can.

Rock on….and … creative.

If you aren’t creating, you’re dying.

my thrift store jacket

I don’t have a Harris Tweed jacket anymore.

My wife gave me one before we were married.

She got it at a thrift store that her family ran.


I want one again.

But….you don’t see any of these jackets in thrift stores now.

I know.

I’ve looked.

I don’t know if a Harris Tweed sport jacket is in style or not….or whether I do anything anymore that makes sense to wear a jacket like that for.

Maybe I don’t really need something like that….but….I want it.

It’s beautiful and cool.

And….for some reason….impossible to find now.

I see all sorts of cheesy, tweedy jackets on the thrift store racks….but I run my fingers across them and look at the limited pallet of colors woven into the fabric…and know that they are something different from what I remember having.

When I open the jackets to check for the Harris Tweed label, I know that my hunch was right.

When something is that good, it’s hard to be fooled by a jacket that hopes to look “sort of” like it.

I don’t really “need” one of these jackets.

But….what kind of life would any of us live if we were only able to have the best and most beautiful of anything that was made in this world?

Especially if it comes from a thrift store?

Knowing that there’s an island full of people making the cloth these jackets are made of makes finding one again seem like even more of a “treasure” than it did before I saw this film.

Harris Tweed.

That is one cool jacket.


keep running

To do something like this, you need a really compelling reason.

I thank God that I don’t have a compelling reason to do something like this.

This video is about Joe McConaughy’s run on the PCT to honor his young cousin, Colin McConaughy, who died of pediatric brain cancer when he was two years old.

Again…I thank God that I don’t have any compelling reasons like that.

The Pacific Crest Trail is 2650 miles long…and Joe ran it to raise money for pediatric brain tumor research.

The video is half an hour long….so unless you’re really into seeing what a ultradistance run is all about, it might be a little long to sit and watch.

Watch the beginning, though….it will make you glad for what you have.

A “tribute” is a good thing.

I hope I can pay tribute to the people I love every day of our lives.

That would be a good thing to figure out how to do.

train an eagle

This film by Cale Glendening is about much more than just Mongolian eagle hunting.

It’s about family….and tradition…and feeling the need to actively work at preserving something unique and good.

We had a conversation about travelling last night….and I think that it was decided that I don’t really like to travel.

That’s not really true, though.

I love to travel.

What freaks me out some is “responsibility”…..whatever that word means.

Put me in an unfamiliar situation where the risk and responsibility factor rises, and I get….what’s a good word?


Watchful with a little too much quiet intensity.

It’s unpleasant, I’m sure.

When the watchful moves into the squealing, overly demonstrative paranoia and negativity category, it must be unbearable.

Of course, that never happens.

Luckily, for the people around me, that never happens.

This guy trains eagles to hunt.

He stopped learning how to do that when he took over a lot of the herding needs of the tribe at 6.

Now he’s learning the skills to pay tribute to his father….and to tradition.

That’s some crazy stuff, that….eagle hunting!

Who knew you could train an eagle to hunt for you?

(I did, actually. I know about falconry. It’s pretty amazing…)

There’s so much going on around us while we’re doing things.

I am teaching my children by example.

They know that when they hear me cussing out in the driveway when I’m working on my car, at some point I’ll probably come into the house greasy….and, depending on how much cussing I was doing, possibly bloody.

Nah….that’s too theatrical.

Probably just greasy.

Anyway….I freak out about responsibility.

And…I freak out about freaking out about responsibility.

That’s a lot of freaking out.

I have to be pretty quiet about it, too.

I can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater.

My molecules have to vibrate wildly inside a placid static frame.

I love to travel….and I would love to wear a furry hat and ride with an eagle on my shoulder.

It wouldn’t get any cooler than that.

I need to stop feeling freaked out about stuff to even start being cool, though.

That’s a big responsibility.


thinking about a new way…

Here’s a new design for a wind turbine that works in low-level winds….and that also slows itself down when the wind gets too heavy…..built by a company in Iceland call Icewind.


I love to see people trying to figure all this stuff out.

This particular turbine seems to have a fairly small footprint, too.

Would a turbine like this be enough to power the energy needs of a typical household?

Will we see these as often as the small satellite dishes on most of the homes today?

It would be pretty cool if we did at some point.

The guy that figures out how to produce a really efficient battery is going to be an instant kazillionaire.


Mark my words….a kazillionaire.

Maybe something like this turbine could fill up the good battery with clean energy?




See the World….episode 5

Sunday again….and time for another episode of Iohan Gueorguiev‘s video chronicle of his epic bike trip called “See the World”.

This week it’s the 5th episode and it takes place during a second chance at riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

This attempt is during warmer weather and it looks like the riding is easier when the ground isn’t covered with snow.

There’s lots of Montana footage in this video.

He also rides good sections of the Continental Divide Trail.

I mentioned yesterday that we’d gone to see the new Disney movie “Moana”.

The movie is about Moana, a young island girl, going to adventure “over the reef” to save her people.

The other islanders never venture out over the reef…because they’re afraid of what is out beyond their own small world.

There’s a lot in some of these Disney movie for a young mind…or an old mind….to soak in.

Adventure can be pretty good.

My adventure right now is figuring out how to finish fixing the shock absorbers on the Mail Jeep.

That would make a crummy YouTube video.

It’s so boring to worry about what a machine will do when it’s rattling apart.

It’s boring until….it rattles apart.

Then….the wrong kind of adventure starts….the kind you don’t want to have.

It’s all an adventure, though, even if it’s just trying to figure out how to keep the wheels turning while it feels like you’re jogging in place.

Iohan Gueorguiev‘s videos are pretty great.

If you can’t wait for another Sunday to roll around, you can find them on YouTube here….

There is a big world out there.

One of these days, after I’ve made my coffee, built a fire in the woodstove, and fixed my shocks…I might figure out how to get us some of that adventure….

(What’s that old Chinese proverb about praying for “exciting times”? I better watch what I say and just stay the course. It’s easier to stay on “the island”.)


trip to the movies

We went to see Moana this afternoon to celebrate Sparrow’s 3rd birthday.

What a bunch of fun to go to an actual full price theater (did you know that a matinee is 8.50 now?).

What a treat to see a movie with the little guys…..and our big guys.

We went out for pizza afterwards…..good times.

That’s easy to do….but rare enough that we are a long ways from being jaded about the whole experience.

Doing nice things for ourselves is always a treat

And….Moana is pretty great.

It made me feel like I wanted to get out and get some Maori tattoos.

Just…not on my face.

Nothing on the face, please.