4500 dollars….4500 DOLLARS!!

I read that it costs 4500.00 (dollars….American) to rent an apartment in San Francisco.

Of course, that’s San Francisco.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a van if you could avoid paying that much for rent?

Here’s another van video…and, surprisingly, one of the less attractive van builds I’ve seen.

It’s a work in progress, though.

One thing that she did say was that a family of 6 would need more than a van.

Hey! That’s me! When they call out, “PARTY OF 6!! PARTY OF 6!!” it’s us they’re yelling for.

If I can’t be happy when I get in the minivan to go somewhere, I’m not going to be happy when I wake up in some strange place after sleeping in our van.

You’ve got to bring your happy to the vehicle.

You have to learn to be a happy hub.


What Do Artists Do All Day?

Here’s a short film about photographer Albert Watson.

This film answers the question “what do artists do all day”.

Or, maybe, what does this artist do all day.

This looks like part of a series….”What do Artists do All Day”.

Check it out on YouTube.

Spending my time watching these videos keeps me from thinking about making any art myself.

It’s another good distraction to add to my repertoire.

South American Mongrel Bus

Here’s a profile of a 1992 VW Bus that was purchased in South America….and then driven up to Alaska.

It’s a weird combination of a bunch of old parts…a Frankenstein bus that doesn’t look like any 1992 that you’d see in the States.

You have to get way down by the equator to find a bus like this.

Listen to him talk about rebuilding the engine 11 times in the time they’ve owned it.

That’s a testament to the…..well, that is a testament to ….something.

These old buses may not be the best vehicles.

They require a lot of attention.

The guy who wrote “How to Keep your Volkswagen Alive” (John Muir) said something like “be kind to your a**, for it bears you”.

That may be misquoted…it’s been 30 years since I got my copy of his book greasy, but I never forgot that.

You have to feed the donkey.

You have to care for the donkey if you’re going to ride it.

If you look up “Kombi Life” on YouTube, you’ll get to see some of their misadventures.

Would I have Another?

I owned 3 VW vans.

I owned them at different times in my life.

I had a ’72 with the pancake engine.

That was the first car that I owned.

It was kind of a turd of a car.

I owned a 1967 split window….and a ’68.

Now I couldn’t afford one of these vans.

I couldn’t afford one…and that’s pretty good, because it keeps me from getting one.

I don’t know that I’d have another one….but….that being said, they are kind of cool.

They were more cool when they weren’t so “cool”, though.

They were cool when I could buy them for $500.

They aren’t so cool when they’re $10,000 dollars.

I guess that even if something is a turd of a car, if it’s “your turd” and you know and love it….with all its quirks and foibles, you still love it….then, to you at least, it’s cool.

Cool is what you know.

Why’d these buses have to get so expensive?

Dylan Magaster’s Van…

You learn by doing.

When you live in your van, you figure it out.

Or….maybe you just watch a bunch of videos and imagine that you know what you’re doing when you finally get around to doing something a little more life affirming than writing about what other people are doing.

There are “doers”….and there are “watchers”.

I’m a “dowatcher”.

I “do”….sometimes.

I like seeing these videos.

They inspire me a whole lot more than something like “Dancing with the Stars”.

a whole apartment in a van….

Here’s a Dylan Magaster profile of a couple from New Orleans who traded a big apartment in New Orleans for life in a VW Westphalia.

“A whole apartment in a van” isn’t really accurate.

Who could do that?

These guys say that what they started out with morphed into what they came to realize they really needed for their new lifestyle.

They say that you really need to just get out and do it…and figure out how to do it as you go along.

You can’t plan for everything.

Check out Dylan Magaster’s channel on YouTube.

He does good work.

Another Van…

Here’s another “van tour”…this time with Cyrus Sutton,filmmaker and founder of the website Korduroy.tv .

I think about these kind of vans a lot.

What would it take to accommodate a big family in one of these things?

A box truck?

Maybe just a camper?

And if you had one….where would you store it?

We have a property now that would accommodate something like a big camper….but you really do need some space for big things.

I know that a person can make a living doing creative things.

It takes some fearlessness to step off the curb and do it, though.

business and passion

What would we be able to accomplish if every thing we did had a measure of passion attached to our efforts?

Could we turn a passion into a business?

Here’s a short film with Cyrus Sutton where he talks about how to make money with photography and filmaking.

It’s good advice that doesn’t only apply to visual disciplines.

Here’s a link to the website Cyrus founded a while back…. Korduroy.tv .

Korduroy is a collection of videos about surfers and the active lifestyle.

Good stuff.