we never built a fire….

I used to work at a camp where “low impact” was the norm.

We didn’t build fires.

We used small stoves that we packed in.

We took pride in leaving an area looking like it looked (or better than it looked) when we first arrived to do our camping.

That was how I was raised in the camping world.

This is a different style….but….the shelter is sort of cool….I guess.

You should take care of the woods, though….and keep it good for everybody.

Man, though, this video is pretty nice.

I’m conflicted.

Be the Mobile Karaoke Guy…..


Here’s the plan: work long enough at the PO to get some kind of retirement, move to Thailand to live off the MONEY….and get one of those cool amps that I can wear around my neck and then wander all around a foreign country with a pail and supplement the money the GUV gives me for hanging in there at the USPS for a while by SINGING MY HEART OUT…with an amp around my neck and a pail in my hand.

Even a weird plan is a PLAN….right?

Speaking of “weird”….this guy really likes SUGAR.

I don’t know if sugar is all that good for you.

I think that this dude is wrong.

That thing with the amp around my neck and the pail looks intriguing.

I wonder if I could make a living wandering around here like that?



Looking up “van life” videos on YouTube….because I have 15 minutes in the morning to figure out a post….15 minutes to make and drink the coffeeeeeeeee…..and make a post….this morning….I came across this new Portlandia short about the possible realities of “#VAN LIFE”.


That’s the thing about these Portlandia videos….I can’t take a lot of things that I took “kinda seriously” before I saw the video very seriously at all after these two skewer whatever they’re focusing on in the moment…..

I can’t do that after these videos.

That’s OK.

Some of this stuff on YouTube is pretty goofy….even if it’s dead serious to the person making the video.

The funniest stuff is always the things that people don’t know is funny.

Check out the price on the old Westphalia, too.

That’s too true to be funny.

traveling….to BUY!!!

This guy is good.

He has an interesting story and is dead on with his “travel more and buy less” thoughts.

We’re going to travel down to Greenville this morning to hit a couple of thrift stores and maybe buy some stuff.

We just got back from a trip out West, though, so I suppose that we can get away with taking a short trip.

We can even get away with taking a short trip to BUY STUFF!!

We might not buy stuff.

We don’t need to buy stuff…..just to “buy stuff”.

But….we might buy some stuff.

That’s OK, too….it’s OK to travel and… buy some stuff.



Somebody told me where I work that this doesn’t happen as often at our company (USPS) since most of the Vets aged out of the system.

That besmirches the Vets, of course.

It would be interesting to see if the things that happened in the ’80’s were done by folks who had returned from Vietnam.

I’ll bet that you didn’t have to be a Vet to feel like “going postal” at the Post Office.

You know that I don’t mean Veterinarians when I say “Vet”, don’t you?

That would be weird.

What would make a veterinarian so angry at the Post Office?

Anyway….I think it’s strange that no matter where an incident happens, they call it “going postal” when they report it.

They don’t call things “going Alabama Baptist Church” or “going Upper Middle Class High School” or “going Meat Packing Plant”.

They make us out to be a bunch of hair trigger weirdos if we work for the Post Office.

I can only speak for myself….but I’d consider myself a VERY STABLE WEIRDO.

Like….very smart…and stable.

So….no matter how much I grind my teeth over something that happens in the workplace, I’m not going “postal”.

Not in, like, a bad way, at least.


Holy Crap!!

Look at this thing!!

I was looking up “Idaho” videos on YouTube….and came upon this thing that was built in…Idaho.

The monochord!!

I’d never seen one of these!!

It’s insane the noise you can make with this thing!

You can reach a higher plane when you play or listen to this thing.

I’d like to be on a higher plane sometimes.

I wonder if we have room in our house for a monochord?

I wonder if the little guys would shut up for a while if I was playing this thing and trying to reach a higher plane?

I wonder if they’d cooperate while Daddy was approaching nirvana?

Denzel….talking about good things….talking about God

Boldness without fear or hesitation….or, even, hyperbole…. is a wonderful thing to see.

It’s good to see people calmly and confidently confessing their faith.

This is a commencement speech that Denzel Washington gave at Dillard University a while back.

What a great way to start the day!

What a great way to live your life!

“Say thankyou….in advance….for what is already yours. True desire….in the heart….for anything good….is God’s proof to you sent beforehand to indicate that it’s yours already.”



200 Days – A Trip Around the World Travel Film

“If we want authenticity….we have to initiate it.”

Here’s another travel video.

Sometimes, you have to wonder if the goal isn’t to have something to film.

That’s probably not the case here, though.

If you only watch the beginning of this, listen to the opening monologue.

He touches on some thoughts that I’ve been pondering a lot lately.

How far away do you have to go before you get to real?

And….what are we missing if we think that things have to be seen from a different place for things to be good…and authentic? Do we need a new perspective more than we need new walking shoes?

This is a good one…..good film….good trip.


Video by 40 North Designs



There’s a lot of these kind of videos on YouTube.

That’s good.

We just got back from a big road trip out through the Southwest….lots of driving….and I would do it again tomorrow if I had some MONEY….and some time off from the Post Office.

It’s good to travel.

It’s good to see birds that you don’t recognize when you wake up in the morning.

The kind of journey that this guy is on might be a little much, though.

Sometimes it can get weird with the little guys when we just go to our local Walmart.

We have to watch each other like hawks.

Like HAWKS!!

You don’t want to lose anyone.

Look at all the interesting food he’s eating!

That’s kind of like a weirdo in a big black car pulling up and saying, “HEY, KID!! YOU WANT SOME CANDY?!!”

You could lure me into some exotic locations with the promise of good and exotic food.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

Could the way to India be through a man’s appetites?

I don’t know…but it looks good.

I need to take care of what surrounds me here.

Maybe wanting to travel is just a dodge?

Maybe it’s just a way to avoid my responsibilities at home?