so quiet….so hot

jeep fanThe electric fan on my Mail Jeep seized up yesterday towards the end of the route.

I have two fans….one that’s belt driven that turns all the time…and one that’s electric that comes on when the temperature really climbs.

I noticed that, over the loud radio, the car seemed to be running a lot more quietly….and it was the absence of the working electric fan that was contributing to the peacefulness.

A Jeep on a mail route runs hot.

I think that’s the nature of the Jeeps to run hot, anyway, but all the stopping and starting on a hot day gives it a chance to REALLY WARM UP.

I think that I might have come close to melting the wiring harness going to the fan motor, too.

There was a bunch of white smoke….er, some white smoke….and a burnt plastic smell.

That’s not a good smell.

(I listen to and smell my car all the time….watching for the pre-breakdown warnings.)

Anyway….exciting day.

I turned around and booked for home to give the engine a chance to cool off, and got the old Toyota truck that I used to deliver with before I got the Jeep.

It was like riding a bike (remembering wise, that is) to drive from the passenger seat.

That’s what it is to drive one of these rural routes.

No matter how much preventive maintenance you do, something is going to go wrong with your vehicle at some point.

I just don’t like it if something is ALWAYS GOING WRONG.

That’s hard.

I’m hyping it up….stuff rarely goes wrong.

It’s usually pretty smooth sailing.

Then, why is it the hard stuff that I remember?

peaceful days at the beach

Oh, man.

A beach called “Paradise”…..surfing….and….a GREAT WHITE SHARK!!!

Could it get any better than that?

Here’s a clip from a new movie called “The Shallows”.

I didn’t know anything about this movie before seeing the trailer, but it looks pretty good.

You can get a lot of mileage out of a Great White.

I remember seeing Jaws when I was a kid and being terrified of what was down in the lower parts of the water….even the depths of a¬†lake.

Sharks don’t live in lakes, though.

Big survival at a perfect beach.

I’m going to have to watch this one.

the greatest breed

The puppy is one of the greatest breeds of dogs…ever.

Then…why did he poop on his sleeping pillow?

My children are members of one the greatest breeds ever….the RORVIG CLAN (!!)….AND, YET, THEY POOP……



I’m not going to go there.

It’s crude and uncouth.

I’m kidding about the RORVIG CLAN stuff, too.

We’re good….really good…but I’m not going to brag about greatness.

That would be both uncool and uncouth.

This puppy is crazy cute….no matter where he poops.

After all….that is what a puppy do.

Check out this video…


Jim Gaffigan Gets Hot

Check this out!

Jim Gaffigan eating hot wings.

How could it get better than that?

I’m kidding, of course.

It’s silly and inconsequential….but pretty darn funny, too.

Check him out at about 11:15 or so….instinctively blowing on the hot wing with the abusively spicy hot sauce to “cool it off”.


( I’ve absent mindedly blown on ice cream before, though. It’s strange to look down and realize what you’ve done. Weird habits….)

This looks like a pretty funny interview series.

Pretty hot.

Hobo Nate.

I told Nate about hoboes the other day….er, hobos…um, what’s the plural for “hobo”?

I dunno.

Now Nate is fascinated with hobo….s.

I don’t know if it’s so good to tell him about this kind of stuff.

I could set him off on a weird path telling him about the men who ride the rails.

That’s not a career objective.

I think that it was the bindle that fascinated him the most.

the same movie…. again….

We watched “Without Limits” again last night.

Man, what a great story….what a life….what a runner.

Steve Prefontaine.

Here’s one of his most famous races…that took place at the 1972 Munich Olympics….

I’m not running right now….and I never ran at any level approaching “competitive”.

I wasn’t that fast….but, I love to run.

This movie was pretty inspiring.

This movie was one of two that came out about the same time….”Without Limits”….and another one called “Pre”.

“Without Limits” is the one to see.


physical supports spiritual


I was sick a couple of days ago.

I even fell asleep in the gravel driveway on one of my cold sweat, long after midnight trips to the porta potty.

That’s a first for me.

I don’t fall asleep in the driveway very often….but, you know, I don’t usually have to go out to a porta potty to use the ….potty, either.

I guess that desperate times call for something different and desperate.

Yesterday, I was driving around and, for a short amount of the mail route, was thinking about how much of a difference it makes (for me) to be exercising.

I was thinking about how much of a difference it makes in my spiritual life to be exercising.

I guess that you could go to the extreme where your exercise becomes your spiritual side, too…..worshiping at the church of long distance and heavy steel…but, at least for me, feeling good physically helps me concentrate on things outside of the physical.

That’s kind of strange….a weird way to try to put it.

The spiritual is contained in the physical….but bigger than the physical.

I guess that’s the way it works.

That’s probably how it works.

I’ve known people whose “spiritual” seemed to be spilling over the top of their vessel.

Maybe that’s what we call “being charismatic”?

Maybe what I was thinking was just another example of the “wastebasket in the middle of the room” thing….when you move the thing that you trip over, you can see things in a new way.

The journey is a lot easier when you aren’t tripping all the time. (Tell that to a Grateful Dead fan, though…they’d probably disagree….)

If feeling “bad” (or, even, “not fantastic”) is a focus….even in a small way….could I move towards feeling better?

I’m not in discomfort….everything still works….but I know that I can feel pretty great when I’m exercising.

“Pretty great” is a lot better than “OK”.

But….feeling great isn’t a prerequisite for spiritual growth, either.

That kind of shoots down any thoughts about exercise and spiritual well-being, doesn’t it?

I’ve seen people in horrible physical discomfort who transcended or something….who rose up out of the discomfort….who spilled over the top of their broken vessel.

Maybe that’s what I was thinking when I thought that spirit was always bigger than the container?

The body is a temple.

We don’t worship the temple.

The “church” carries us….and holds the spirit.

The church can be whatever holds the spirit.

So….take care of the temple….but remember what you’re worshiping.

It’s not the facility that we worship….but a well-swept floor is a lot less distracting on your way to the pew.

Anyway, how much am I going to figure out in half an hour….before I’ve had any coffee…when I’m thinking about getting ready for work?

I need to get my temple into the kind of shape where I don’t think about it.

That’s what I was thinking.

I think.


You know? YouTube is pretty cool.

I complain about the romance of the accidental way we used to discover music….but, it would have taken forever to find out about Cory Henry.

I couldn’t have dug through enough remainder bins to discover this guy.

There is so much good music in the world…and so much good music on YouTube.

Cory Henry!!

Man….I’m going to have to dig into this guy’s music.

eating….you have got to eat….

I got a case of food poisoning at the Asian buffet yesterday.

That’s kind of a bummer to have to go out to the porta potty after midnight….because you can’t avoid going out to the porta potty after¬†midnight….because it’s an EMERGENCY….

It was a full moon, though, so that was kind of cool.

I ended up laying in the gravel driveway in a cold sweat for about 15 minutes or so….

The cat found me and rubbed up against me, concerned, until I rallied when it felt like the sweating had stopped, and dragged myself back to bed.

I don’t know how many trips I took out there last night….but, while we’re waiting for the septic system to be repaired, I’m thankful that we have alternatives to digging a hole in the woods.

That’s not an approved part of the “Father’s Day Experience”… know? Eating someplace that makes you sick is not a pleasant experience.

We do better when we cook at home.

I feel a lot safer when Jenny and I are preparing our food.