all the aggressive posturing in the world won’t…..

We watched the Super Bowl last night.

That’s my one football game for the year.

Maybe, I should say that I watched the commercials and the half-time show….and also watched almost everything (except for the second half, when I fell asleep) around them.

I was thinking about the half-time show a little, and I looked over and our daughter had fallen asleep on Jenny’s┬álap.

Every father should think that his child is beautiful….but Sparrow really is.

Really beautiful.


Now….my comment about “aggressive posturing” isn’t really accurate.

It’s not like a two-year-old doesn’t do some aggressive posturing…..they let it rip.

They are pretty aggressive about a lot of things.

They are two-year-olds, after all.

But… isn’t self-aware aggressive posturing.

I guess that I was thinking about some of the half-time performance.

It was surely a bunch of high energy….frenetic….dancing.

I guess that you couldn’t help but be self-aware if you were dancing in front of millions…..right?

There’s no room for demure pirouettes when you’re banging it out on the field.

The thing that I was thinking about all of this is that what I imagine is meant to be kind of alluring or something doesn’t really turn out to be all that interesting.

It’s kind of frenetic….and kind of boring.


Maybe boring isn’t the right word.

Predictable? Maybe “frenetic” is what we expect now.

It takes a lot to surprise us.

(I guess that you have to remember, too, how dangerous it is for these performers….swinging their heads around a little bit harder each performance…..jumping a little bit higher….a person could get hurt trying to top themselves….)

I like seeing a baby asleep….peaceful.

That’s beautiful.

(On really so many levels….I like it when these babies go to sleep so Jenny and I can carve out 15 minutes of peaceful moment…..)

The world is a busy place…..acceleration is imminent….we rush to flash and noise….we rush to the grand spectacle….

We rush….

But….peaceful is precious.

We’ll miss peaceful when it’s hard to find.

Maybe the SUPER Bowl isn’t the place for peaceful?

Maybe you need a bunch of back-up dancers and flash bombs to get your point across on the biggest sports day of the year.




Check this YouTube video out…..!!!




kodi kids club….

What can I say?

You don’t need television.

It’s a waste of time.

It’s damaging.

It’s not healthy to watch a bunch of television.




if you do like to watch television….and don’t want to pay a lot for cable or dish…this is a pretty cool option.

You can install this on your computer or on a “set-top box” (we use a Nexus Player).

Once you get used to the installation procedure, it’s actually really easy to install….and gives a pretty safe environment for a child to watch television that seems to be age appropriate.

If you’re looking for a set-top box, google “android television” for recommendations.

You could do the same thing on Amazon to get some suggestions.

It’s an interesting alternative.


…in a good hotel


I slept last night in a good hotel
I went shopping today for jewels

Joni Mitchell …..from the song “for free”

I woke up in Nate’s bed….my pillow some kind of stuffed animal….tired still….and just a little disoriented.

That’s what happens when a child comes into a room where the bed is already crowded with two adults and a two-year old…wanting to join us….and you slowly jump up and out so that you can go back to his room with him….and maybe avoid waking everyone else up.

Sometimes parenting is just a slow motion panic, anyway. You cope.

So….the two of us got back to sleep in the bottom bunk….a little twin mattress….a shared blanket….trying to be quiet and stay quiet for as long as possible.

I’d been up for a couple of minutes this morning and I thought of this Joni Mitchell song….thought about her waking up in a good hotel.

What’s that like?

What’s it like to be an adult….only doing adult things….waking up gently….not chasing anyone or trying to figure out how to keep them occupied and safe?

I guess that I really wouldn’t want to know.

This is my good reality.

I think that the trade off would be a bad one….sleeping comfortably but not having these little guys around would be a bad trade(and the big guys, too….but the big ones take care of themselves) .

Musical beds is a weird exercise, though.

I suspect that someday soon I’ll sleep in my own bed… all night long….and dream of when we were running to catch these little ones.

Nostalgia is going to catch up to me faster than I know.

When I’ve had enough rest to concentrate on anything…..I’m going to be remembering these times….and think about it all for the rest of my life.


:”for free” Joni Mitchell

recovery mode

Man….Jenny’s throat hurts.

Tonsils are rough….if they’re hurting you, they have to come out.

If they come out, they…or the lack of….hurt you.

It’s not a win/win situation.

Until she heals from the surgery, there’s going to be some discomfort.

Of course, I don’t know if her chakras were damaged in the ordeal….but, just in case, here’s some help for that, too.

Cold outside…big wind….and I’m home and helping during the recovery phase….keeping the babies warm and Jenny as comfortable as possible.


Man, I’m glad that’s over for her.

bedside manner


You don’t go to get your tonsils out as an adult because you expect the experience to be like going to see Cirque du Soleil.

You don’t do it because you’ve heard you can eat as much ice cream as you want.

You are an adult.

You have different expectations.

You are a realist.

But….no matter how much of a realist you are…your expectations are clouded by what you understand is (usually) normal.

Jenny had her tonsils taken out yesterday by a very efficient Doctor.

He breezed in….said what he was going to do….breezed out….took out the tonsils when she was under anesthesia…and that was all that we saw of him.

There wasn’t any “bedside manner”.

Where’s the bedside manner?

Where’s the post-surgery checking in that a lot of doctors do?

Maybe it’s not an issue at all (it wasn’t Cirque du Soleil, after all)….but it was a little….odd.

Now….when you have a position with a title, then “odd” becomes “eccentric”.

You aren’t a weirdo when you’re “titled”…’re eccentric.

I’m kind of kidding….I suspect that he’s a pretty good Dr. ….but it was just a little odd eccentric feeling.

Nonetheless, the goal was to get the tonsils out safely and….efficiently….and setttle some of these throat problems that have been pretty chronic down once and for all…..and I think that he did do that.…so….HURRAH FOR YOU, DOCTOR STRANGER!!

The swelling kicked in later in the evening…. after the surgery was finished….so I think that Jenny will be in some discomfort for a while…..but I took some time off work, and Nate goes to school this morning, so she should have some time to rest.

It was raining so hard yesterday when we were leaving for the hospital that the creek in our valley flooded the road.

We’ve lived here for over 20 years and we’ve never seen it that bad.

It takes a lot of water to make it flood like that.

I hope the swelling goes down quickly.

That’s a hard thing to do….to get your tonsils out.

It’s no visit to the Cirque du Soleil to have a stranger cut on your throat.


“i don’t need no doctor” Ray Charles



wood and steel




Wood and steel….strings stretched across a soundboard…..soundhole…frets….headstock….tuners.

What was it about a guitar that captured my attention so completely?

That’s funny how something infiltrates itself into your life and doesn’t let go.

I was driving the mail around yesterday…..and listening to the radio….satellite radio (!)….and settled on a station called “spa” for a while.

The bulk of the music on spa is really kind of boring, if you get down to it.

It’s hard to stay awake when you listen to “spa”.

I needed something to counter the nervousness of trying to finish the route quickly so that I could make it to Nate’s school to pick him up when it let out…….I listened to “spa”.

(That’s like trying to take a nap after you finish a cup of coffee….or….like the person who has to take 20 different prescriptions trying to balance out the side-effects.)


Maybe it’s just me listening to “spa”….driving the mail around.

Anyway….what was I saying?

Oh…..”spa”….wood and steel….guitar.

Every once and a while, they’d play some solo guitar.

Now, sometimes, it was just painful newage noodling….repetitive and unimaginative….horrible.

But….sometimes they’d play something so beautiful and well constructed that it really stood out in the mix….and it helped me remember that a guitar can make so much good music ….all by itself.

Piano is that way, too. The simple stuff is what I like….a well constructed chord hanging in what was silence a moment before.

How much music goes unrecorded….floating around in space somewhere?

How many birds worry about where their song goes?


They just sing.

Anyway….wood and steel.

That’s pretty simple.

How did we get the music inside of us, anyway?

All these gifts…..

Why’d God do that?


one wild and precious life

Nate turned his head…and Sparrow ate all the pepperoni off his pizza.

When Nate exploded in rage, Jenny said, “that wasn’t very nice….”

Sparrow agreed.

“THAT WASN’T VERY NICE!!” she said.

I don’t think that Sparrow agreeing made the pepperoni magically reappear on the pizza.

You shouldn’t eat all the pepperoni off of someone else’s pizza.

When you’re two, though, you can get away with stuff like that.

This is another short movie by Billy Yang Films.

The ones that I’ve watched have all been good.

This one is a New Years Resolution….and the end features this quote from Mary Oliver’s poem “The Summer Day”.

Again….I don’t have permission to reprint this….it’s just so great.

Let’s hope this blog never gets popular….I’ll have a lot of explaining to do.

Awwwww……what the heck? Here’s the author reading it…..

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?

Always choose the window seat….for a start….and….

Apologize after eating someone else’s pepperoni.

“there’s a lot of good stuff in this world”

That’s a quote from the end of the film by Billy Yang about ultra runner Ann Trason.

I’m not running right now.

I’m an “armchair runner”…I don’t run….but I like reading about runners….or watching these little movies.

What a poseur.

No….that’s not really right.

I’d be a poseur if I told everybody that I was a great runner….and then wasn’t.

Somebody would probably call me on it, anyway….say, “OK….if you’re so great, let’s see you run across this parking lot.”

That would stink to get caught like that….and have to hobble across a chunk of Walmart blacktop.

I was going to say that this lady is getting older now….and doesn’t seem to run anymore.

I only see her walking the trails in the movie.

When I looked her up, I noticed that she was born the same year that I was.

What the….?!!!


I’m going to run again.

I’m going to build a treehouse, too.

I’m going to find a dog for us, too.

I’m going to……

I don’t know who this is.

old pictures rorvig 071

My cousin gave me a flash drive with a bunch of old family pictures on it a bunch of years ago.

He gave me the pictures when he came down south from Montana for my father’s funeral.

I don’t know who this man on the tractor is.

It’s an old picture….and one that maybe even my cousin wouldn’t know who it was.

There were a few in the bunch of pictures that were like that.

We take pictures like crazy now….digital cameras make that easy.

So, we have a lot of pictures.

I wonder if someday some of my distant relatives will look at pictures of me that they pulled off the cloud somehow and say, “Now…..this one….I don’t know who that is. I think it was a relative of your cousin’s…..”

Funny to think about things like that….

I don’t think that we are as memorable as we think we are.

old pictures rorvig 044This picture I do know something about….

It’s a garage that my Grandfather ran in Montana.

I think that Glenn told me that it was Montana.

Interesting to look at these old photos.

It’s interesting to see what my family was up to.


Cabin Porn

This is a photograph taken by a photographer named Jenni Kowal.

You can find more of her work at

guest cabin in healy alaska

I found the image on a site that I revisit from time to time called Cabin Porn

My cousin wanted to put a trailer like this up on the family property in Idaho.

It’s a smart way to go…..the trailer, that is.

Instant house….if you can pull it up the dirt road and park it, you’ve got a place to stay.

You need to check out these websites….if only to remind yourself that it’s a big world….with a lot of beauty.

There really is a lot of beauty out there….

It’s not hard to see if you don’t get distracted by what you think is around you.

Cabin Porn is a collection of photographs of some of the best cabins and getaways all over the world.

This particular image is up in Healy, Alaska.

Man….the road trip.

The trip.

Gas is cheap….I need to go.