Alex Honnold’s New Van….

I did a post about Alex Honnold’s old van a while back.

He lives out of his van… the van was pretty darn nice.

I really liked that van.

Of course, it’s a van for a dude to live in comfortably.

It’s not for other people to live in (at the same time).

So….that part I don’t like.

If you had a bus, with room for kids to run around in, well, that would make more sense for me and my family.

That being said, I liked that old van.

It was a tricked out “fun mobile”….and it suited Alex Honnold’s needs.

Here’s his new van.

It’s pretty darn nice, too.

I wonder what happened to his old van?

I would have bought it….if he gave me a deal.

Hardrock 100! Billy Yang!

Here’s a short film from Billy Yang about the Hardrock 100.

Here’s the YouTube description:

“You really have to embrace the unknown. You can try all you want to script it – how you see the day going and have these plans. But the mountains don’t care. They’re indifferent to whatever plans, whatever hopes you have…”

The 2016 Hardrock 100 was supposed to be a redemption race. In 2014, The North Face athlete Timothy Olson hit a figurative brick wall halfway through The Hardrock and was reduced to lying on the ground, sick and unable to continue for awhile. He eventually finished but wanted to prove to himself he could do better. He got that opportunity in 2016 when he was selected to run the race again.

Unfortunately for Timothy, deja vu would rear its ugly head and a similar fate awaited him at the Hardrock…

All of Billy Yang’s films are great.

Check him out on YouTube.

stay….and thrive

Here’s another great Dylan Magastar video….this time about a couple who spent 20 years working in “corporate America” (40 years collectively)…and then made a lifestyle change, sold all their belongings, bought a nice van, converted it….and started traveling around full-time.

That’s a constant with most of these videos….”leaving”.

What’s so appealing about that?


What’s hard to figure out is how to thrive where you are….attack the status quo and make it exceptional….and be happy.

You can’t run to happiness….the constant of “you” is going to follow you wherever you go.

You can distract yourself for a moment….but if you’re not a happy person, changing the view isn’t going to change your dissatisfaction.

You can’t run to happiness….no matter how fast you go.

That being said, I know that there are places that I love that wouldn’t be a drain on my good mojo.

I know the places that I love….and want to get there soon.

But….I’m already there….so it’s no stress.

Where my family is….is the place I need to be.

What’s hard about figuring any of that out?

adventure happens by accident

I mowed the lawn yesterday, and, somewhere during the process, I must have stopped momentarily on a fire ant hill.

My ankle is swollen like a bag of rising bread this morning.

Those bugs biting me left a mark.


That’s funny about “adventure”….it can happen anywhere and in the most mundane ways.

We went to Tryon to check out the equestrian center last night.

They have something called “Saturday Night Lights” there….on Saturday.

It was a grand spectacle….but didn’t feel like an adventure.

Lots of rich people….horses….rich people riding horses….jumping around on horses.

We left before the horses really started jumping over stuff….the kids were tired and we didn’t want to buy expensive food.

But….the facilities are amazing….world class.

I don’t think that you take a planned tour for adventure.

I think that you just “go”….and then compensate for all the weirdness and random events that you encounter as you make your way through the unfamiliar.

Keep your eyes open and your heart tender….all the adventure in the world is close at hand.

Adventure will bite you if you stand in the right place long enough.

Even standing still….adventure will bite you.

Saturday Night Lights


Potatoes in Idaho.

I wish I was out there watching this.

I wish I was out there riding in that big machine…..digging up miles of Idaho potatoes.

I think that most people would find a potato harvest kind of boring….but I think it’s pretty darn cool.

Look at these Idaho fields of potatoes.

Pretty cool.

How’d we figure out how to build all these machines to keep us IN POTATOES?

That’s amazing, too.

People are pretty darn clever.

with the kids….while they’re still kids

Here’s a video put out by people promoting traveling with your family.

That’s a dangerous thing for me to put up here.

Jenny will tell me not to “just blog” about it.

You really do have to do it.

My job ….saves us financially….and tethers me at the same time.

How do you travel and pay all the bills at home and….travel and pay all the bills out on the road….and….travel….and….stay employed when you aren’t at the job?

How do you do all of that?

Idaho….selling us on how great it is to travel to Idaho.

Idaho, don’t do that.

I already know, Idaho.

I already know.

We want a van….I can’t fly a plane….


A van is cool….but LOOK AT THIS!!

Flying around in an AREOPLANE!!

How cool would that be?

I’ll work towards a fun mobile that stays on the ground.

We know about staying on the ground….I don’t know how to fly a plane.

And….how do you fit 6 people into a plane like this?

I don’t believe that you could do it.

And, if you could, I think that spilled juice boxes would short out the electronics.

You can’t fly if you fry your rig.

This is pretty intense to be able to see all of this trip from the sky.

Again….the constant….Idaho.

How hard could it be to travel and keep my job?

Pretty hard, I think.

I can’t even easily take the time off to get my Jeep in to get it serviced.

I better push for that before my rig gets fried.

Even on the ground, it’s a drag to fry your rig.

You have to be kind to the donkey that bears you.

Here’s something funny about this video and then I’ll go.

He stops in Atlanta….Idaho about 13 minutes in.

How funny would it be to be able to say that we were moving to Atlanta….and then explain why we couldn’t meet anyone at the mall or Ikea?

That would be HILARIOUS!!

free camping

We talk about traveling.

We drive around….but it doesn’t always feel like traveling.

If we aren’t on the cusp of getting lost, we don’t feel like we’re traveling.

I think that it’s the “unfamiliar” that makes it feel like we’re traveling.

Again….it’s Idaho.

That helps fuel my wanderlust….watching videos of Idaho adventures.

These guys have a nice van and a nice Airstream.

We could do that.


Here’s a website for free camping locations…..   ….

Man….it’s easy to look active when you’re just clicking a mouse and pressing plastic….but….finding out that it might be easy to locate a free campsite is kind of cool.

Wanting to do this is the only place to start.