spilling the corn nuts

I spilled my corn nuts the other day rounding a curve….trying to get to the next mailbox on a really heavy Monday.

That’s rough.

I love those corn nuts.

Love them.


Of course, love is too strong a word.

I do have a strong affection for them.

It’s my morning treat right now, and when I’m feeling a little hypoglycemic, it feels good to get some picante corn nuts in my belly.

So when I spill them, it’s a big deal.

Now I have a bunch of corn nuts on the floor of the Mail Jeep to remind me of my loss.

“My Loss”.

It’s funny how I can hype a non-event into something tragic.

Corn nuts don’t even rank in the big picture.

What’s the big deal about losing some corn nuts?

It’s nothing.

I wonder how many other things I should just gloss over and let pass like so many clouds on a windy day?

Man, though….I love those corn nuts.

What a loss.



“I just done started digging”

Norse stuff…..

House stuff…..

If I knew any Norwegian….other than “uffda”….I could tell where this guy was from….maybe…..but, I don’t so I won’t go out on a limb and say that he’s a crazy hippy Norwegian.

Somebody might correct me and say that he’s a crazy hippy Swede, and then where would I be?

The world’s a big place, isn’t it?

Even in our own backyards, the world’s a big place.

how late? how early?

How late do I need to stay up?

How early do I need to get up?

Am I some kind of ambulatory vampire…. always running in the dark?


This computer isn’t working right….maybe I need to concentrate on that before I fantasize about running again?

Maybe I just need to get some shoes on and go run between the puddles for a while.

It’s raining here for the first time in a month.

Let it come.

Wet the earth, rain, wet the earth.


more about running

I think that it’s about being a good animal.

I think that it’s about getting out into nature and being what we were designed to be.

I think that there is so much more to this whole ball of wax than driving around in a right hand drive Jeep.

But…on the other hand…having a good job where I drive my old Jeep and turn the reggae up as loud as I want is pretty darn cool.

Here’s another video about running.

Yesterday’s post was about “doing” and how just talking about stuff all the time never gets you closer to the doing.

It’s kind of like having a book about doing something doesn’t mean that you understand how to do it.

You just have a book about doing.

I need to build a fire and bring the family and some hot dogs up the hill.

If you’re going to be talking about doing something, at least you’re cooking a hot dog around a campfire while you’re not doing the thing you’re talking about doing.

That feels a little more active.


A short PS….Geoff Roes ran to the point of overtraining and has had difficulty with his running since then. This video was made before that happened. ¬†Maybe being a “good animal” is understanding when to rest, too? Competitive running doesn’t really encourage that when you’re pursuing victory, though, I suppose.

His blog can be found here: http://akrunning.blogspot.com/


Make Art….don’t talk about it…

I’m not running right now.

I guess that I’m too nervous about the new route.

I guess that I make too many excuses.

I read the quote about art today….somewhere….

I think that Goethe said it.

I think that’s what I remember.

Writing about running is kind of like not making art.

If you’re not running….but you have the time to write about it….I guess that it’s kind of the same thing.

Running is so simple.

It’s a beautiful thing for a lot of reasons.

I should get out and run sometime soon.

all the good stuff…

This is good.

You never know what another person’s life is like….but the choices that this family made must lead to something good.

These choices must lead to something good.

Our house is kind of funky….recycled….occasionally sophisticated….usually kind of cobbed together….but, it’s ours and we turned something abandoned and unusable into a space to raise children and weather the storms…..and that’s something good, too.

There is so much that is goofy and useless on YouTube….but there’s stuff like this, too.

That’s good.

good job, dude!

This is so different from the b.s.tiny homes you see on the television these days.

This is the kind of tiny home that got me interested in tiny homes in the first place.

Listen around the five-minute mark where he talks about filling his tiny house up with stuff….and what a problem that might be if he was living in a 3,000 square foot house.

This is one of the good videos.

Thanks, Dylan!

another hobbit house

This is pretty cool.

Curved walls….curved sheetrock (wetted first to conform to the walls)….off-grid.

She also talks a little about why some land is cheap….no great revelations, but for an off-grid situation, you can get away with buying property that wouldn’t be usable otherwise.

Her house is built on 5 or so acres out in Washington.

If you have the time, even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can do some creative stuff.

I need to finish the drywall down in the kitchen…I need to finish the treehouse…I need to weedeat…..ETC, ETC, ETC…..what am I doing thinking about any cool building projects?


it’s so boring….unless you have to know how to do it….and, then….it’s the most exciting thing in the world!

There’s a lot of ways to fix things….

You could replace the whole assembly with a sealed assembly (probably the best way to go)…..but probably the most elegant way….and the cheapest way….to do this is to just grease and adjust and go with what you have.

Maybe that’s just the cheapest way.

Maybe that’s why it’s appealing.

Here’s the process for replacing the old bottom bracket with a sealed unit….

These videos are pretty cool….but pretty boring if you didn’t have a bike you wanted to fix.

I love watching videos of people fixing things.

Pretty fascinating…..

because he’s a billionaire

Image result for trump smart

Conversation with Nate tonight:

Me: Batman’s pretty smart.

Nate: Yeah….that’s because he’s a billionaire. Billionaire’s are smart.

What? What’s that about? Billionaires? Smart?

I need the veneer of money to cement my stature as a reasonably smart guy….or maybe I need money to start the rumor that I’m smart?

Who wants to be a millionaire? Wasn’t that the question that the television used to ask?

It’s funny what goes on in Nate’s head….interesting to talk to him.

I had a crazy, horrendous day at work today….started at 6:30…..finished at 6:15….full of packages and pounds and pounds of letters and magazines and catalogs.

Crazy, crazy, crazy day….all the while wondering if I was going to be able to find enough gas anywhere so that I could do it all again come morning.

Our local station sold me 25.00 worth, though….and saved the day.

Now I’m loaded for bear….ready to rock….all gassed up and rarin’ to deliver little bundles of joy all over these mountains.

Tomorrow should be easier.

Tuesdays at the USPS are always better than Mondays.

I can hardly wait…..