perfect isolation

I guess that isolation can be good.

I guess.

I figure that it’s kind of nice to have some people around, though.

I don’t know that this is really all that “perfect”.

Maybe “good” in some ways, but not perfect.

That’s the tradeoff sometimes for living someplace this beautiful….the places that remain beautiful and unspoiled are hard to get to…and, if they’re hard to get to, the other people might be few and far between.

I don’t know if I’d put my kids through this, either.

That’s what makes the world go round….all these different kinds of people.

Round…and round, huh?

How do you get to the bush? You go to the bush.

Here’s a short film about a couple who live in the New Zealand wilderness.

Every couple of weeks, she goes into the city to play music and buy groceries with the money she makes….so they don’t live completely off the land….but, still, it’s a pretty lo-tech existence.

I’m fascinated by back to the land and living in the woods stories!

I could watch YouTube videos of people doing it all day!

(Kidding….you have to get out and do it. Don’t be a dreamer….be a doer. Lace up your boots….get the kids in the minivan….do it. You have to do it. Right?)

Here’s a link to Miriam Lancewood’s book on Amazon.

what if we change?

I listened to some talks that Yvon Chouinard gave a while back while I drove the mail around today.

Noble stuff….capitalism with good intentions.

I don’t involve myself with ecological activism much….

We’re too busy raising a family.

We recycle….grow organically….all the good stuff that is pretty easy once it becomes a habit…but we’re not radical environmentalists.

Our habits could be better, I suppose.

Whose habits couldn’t be a little better, though….right?

Here’s a short film about damage that’s happening to the environment….and possible solutions…..called “What If We Change?”

You can’t back up from things that have gone too far, though.

Some of the damage we do to the environment is hard to fix.

That’s depressing…unless knowing about any of this stuff becomes a motivator to make a change.

Action is the only thing that keeps bad environmental news from depressing the heck out of me.

I better get a move on.


money to the good

There are a lot of ways to use your money.

This is one of the good ones.

From the YouTube description:

Almost 50 years ago, fried chicken tycoon David Bamberger used his fortune to purchase 5,500 acres of overgrazed land in the Texas Hill Country. Planting grasses to soak in rains and fill hillside aquifers, Bamberger devoted the rest of his life to restoring the degraded landscape. Today, the land has been restored to its original habitat and boasts enormous biodiversity. Bamberger’s model of land stewardship is now being replicated across the region and he is considered to be a visionary in land management and water conservation.

I don’t know what I can do on a large scale.

I don’t have the money for that….yet.

But, I will bet that I can start with making something better on a small scale.

Make something better?

Sounds good to me.

the edges

We went to an arts festival this weekend.

The streets were closed and people walked down the middle of the road….looking at the art….eating the food.

We stayed outside the middle….on the sidewalk.

We were behind the booths and exhibits.

It wasn’t as crowded.

When you have little kids with you, the easy thing is the necessary thing.

Later, I thought about staying outside on the edges because it’s easier.

What did I miss because I stayed out on the edge of it all sometimes?

People talk about bucking trends, staying outside the mainstream….innovating….not just blending in with the crowd.

But….sometimes, you really do have to “engage” for anything to happen in your life.

It was easier to push a stroller when we weren’t in the crowd….and I doubt that I missed any life-changing artwork or crafts.

I don’t know if the edge is a good place to stay for long, though.