we don’t sleep in ours….not on purpose, anyway

On their aquarium trip, it hit me that we went to the aquarium, too…..IN OUR VAN!!


Us…in our Grand Caravan….2 child seats….gear in the back….even a little pink portable toilet.

It doesn’t compost, though.

Van life.

Sponsored van life….in a nice Sprinter…vlogging….blogging…..making some money and staying on the road.


These guys are talking about living in their van over the winter…and all the concerns that come with really cold mountain weather.

Sounds like they have some work to do before they leave San Diego.

There are so many ways to live!


fast to the end

I was driving the mail route the other day and was getting tailgated pretty hard.

I get tailgated a lot out on the route.

I’m a turtle on a mission.

People hate getting behind me.

I thought that, given the chance, I’d tell the tailgater that I don’t drive fast because I know that I’m going to have to stop in about 50 yards and I hate to get a lot of speed up for no reason.

My momentum is thwarted anyway…so why try to bust a….whatever?

That’s why I’m driving so slow. I drive slow so that I can safely finish the journey.

A lightbulb went off in my head when I thought this.

Blazing fireworks in my brain.


That doesn’t sound good.

I had a thought.

What I thought was something like this: what if, knowing that at some point that I was going to leave this earth, I never pushed to do anything really good or beneficial for me or my family?

What if I thought that things always get taken away….I’d have to stop anyway….and I never tried to achieve because “why work at building momentum if I’d lose it at the end of the trip”?

Of course, that’s not how I run my life.

I don’t hang back all the time.

Most of the time…but, really, not all of the time.

Well….most of the time.

That’s not a good way to live.

I don’t know how or when I’ll have to stop moving forward.

Wondering about it should be a motivation to push on….not a reason to hang back.

Out on the route, I have to stop a bunch.

In my life, I could race to where I want to be.

What makes me stop so much?




fix the thing that breaks the thing

I need to do this on the Cherokee.

I’ve had a persistent leak at the valve cover for a while now that I think is causing some starting issues when the car gets hot (oil soaked starter) so maybe it’s time to get on it.

Of course, I don’t know if the oil is really the problem….and oil is cheap to add (I could do that forever)…but I already have the gasket from some good intentions about 6 years ago….and a used starter is pretty cheap….so….maybe this time I’ll do what I should have done a while back….and change both the gasket and the starter.

When you have over 270,000 miles on a vehicle that gets abusively driven everyday, it could be a lot of things that are wrong.

That’s the puzzle of cars: the thing that might be causing the problem could go deeper than just fixing the problem.

You have to fix what’s causing the problem, too.

That’s like a Zen puzzle or something, huh?

What you see isn’t always what’s really going on.

I don’t know…..sometimes.

Everything is like that, though.

You never know what the real problem is until you get closer to fixing it and get to have that “OH!” moment.

When something sort of works it’s easy to put fixing it on the back burner for a while.

“Sort of works….most of the time” is a bugger.



I love to see people loving their lives….and this guy seems to love his.

Working hard during the winter months….putting roofs on California houses….then playing during the Summer months.

Sounds like a good way to live.

He said that he does about 50 different things…..and isn’t an expert at any of them….but it sure does look like he enjoys them all.

Listen to the part about taking advantage of opportunity….it’s a good thought.

Good for you, Dude!!

Good for you!

the postman…

Watch this closely about 45 seconds into the video.

Did you see it?

How does that happen….that houses could be standing while every thing around it is burned to the ground?

This is one of the most surreal videos I’ve ever seen….and, because I deliver mail, one of the most…. poignant.

Those poor people.

Two of our routes in the office were adjusted recently.

An “overburdened” route had to give up some of their boxes to a smaller route….making the work load more fair, I guess.

It doesn’t really make that much difference, though, except for losing quite a bit of pay….and, in the case of the smaller route, getting paid more for inheriting some boxes from the other route.

It’s hard to build a route….but easy to lose a big chunk of it if you’re too successful building it.

That’s nothing compared to this.

I don’t know how the postal service would handle a situation like this.

I don’t know what it would feel like to deliver that route.





Surfing big waves….really big waves….Greg Long

It’s turning into Fall here, and, after a trip to the beach last week, I’m thinking about ocean and the things that people do there.

The “beach”….what a great place.

Little waves will crunch you….I can only imagine what a big wave would do.

Here’s a presentation by Greg Long and National Geographic Live.

There are big waves out there in the world….and Greg Long is one of the guys who ride them.

How do they get pictures of some of this stuff?

How do they get pictures of a man almost drowning?

When it’s hitting the fan at my house the last thing we’d be doing is taking pictures.

We don’t have an entourage, though, so I guess it makes sense.

When it goes down at my house, it’s just us…and we take care of business.

It’s pretty wild….what this guy does.

Big waves.



prospector tent

Here’s a young couple’s review of a double wall prostpector style tent up in Gatineau Park, Quebec….

I guess that no matter what your situation….whether you’re living in a house in NC or in a tent in Quebec…if you design it well you can have a nice place to live.


This is a pretty artfully put together space.

This apparently is a tent that you can rent, too.

Man….you can stay in some interesting places if you are a little bit adventurous.