This is one of the places that I’ve been that’s so halucinatorally (is that a word? It should be….) beautiful that it floored me.

Another place was in the Valley…out where Jenny’s family lives….but this place is a little farther West than that.

“Downstate” about a half an hour from the old family homestead in Idaho.

Where we live can do that to….but, I’m so used to it that I guess that I get a little jaded or something and don’t notice.



acute bronchitis

I went to the doctor this morning, and he gave me more medicine than I’ve had in 30 years.

That’s pretty crazy….4 seperate prescriptions…..steroids…inhalers….codeine cough syrup.

And, in spite of my usual reluctance to take any medicine….even aspirin….I welcomed it all.

If it will help me stop coughing after 5 days of hacking and barking all night, I’m all for it.

Hopefully I can get better in case Jenny or the kids get sick.

Jenny took good care of me….even diagnosed the potential for bronchitis before I went to the doctor.

I’m not so good at taking care of her….but I’d like to try.

I’m glad that I’m not used to being sick.


I must have the flu or something because I feel bad enough to stay home from work for a couple of days.

That’s not something I do very often.

When you don’t do it very often, though, you amass a pretty big chunk of sick days….so, I guess the question is, “why not take some time off if you’re sick?”

Jenny and I watched this movie this afternoon…and it’s a good documentary….all about practices that are good for us and good to the land.

Worth watching….

out “there”….New Zealand style

If we can get to it, things aren’t going to stay nice forever.

Paradise + Man….doesn’t stay Paradise for long.

Wait! That’s a pretty old story, isn’t it?

Places that are hard to get to stay nice….for a while….until we figure out a way to make the journey “manageable”.

This is a nice (and short) video about some folks living off the grid in New Zealand.

How far out to you have to go before it feels like you’re really “out there”?

That’s a hard one to figure out.