nothing like this on the teevee set

We lived in a little neighborhood in San Jose, CA….Frolic Way….back when this show first came on….45 years ago today.

We heard that there was going to be a new show for kids….and I remember a bunch of us gathering around somebody’s television and watching the first episode of Sesame Street.

It’s “old news” now….but at the time, there wasn’t anything on TV like this….the puppets….the animation….it was all different.

I remember us laughing our tails off when they started counting….5…5….5…5….

It was bizarre and funny to a bunch of nine-year-olds to see something like this.

The first clip is from the very first “real” show to air….

The second clip is a preview that showed before the show started broadcasting….I think that this is the show that we watched…..this introductory show….way back when.

Happy 45th Birthday, Sesame Street!

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