I don’t watch sports at my house.

I might watch some Spongebob or Bob the Builder sometimes….but I don’t watch sports.

There’s too much else on that would be more fun for the rest of the family (and….OK….me, too) to be watching that I just don’t watch much “sports”.

Not even the great man, Tiger Woods…or a good Lance Armstrong comeback….can get me interested in watching sports.

Oscar Pistorius…..even Oscar with the bionic legs….I don’t think that I’d watch that.

I’d watch some of the ultramarathons. That would be good.

But I don’t watch sports.

But, this isn’t really about what I don’t watch.

Everybody is supposed to watch the Super Bowl.

I watched some of the Super Bowl.

I’m less of a Katy Perry fan than I was before I watched the Super Bowl….and I wasn’t even a little bit of a fan before I watched the Super Bowl.

That was boring.

(I think that Kid Rock put on a great show….the Red Hot Chili Peppers, too….but not Katy Perry….)

I don’t know….Kid Rock┬ájust felt more genuine, somehow.

More genuine.

He actually rocks…..pretty hard.

I’m not a big Kid Rock fan, either….but it was a better performance.

All this spectacle….yuck.

I watched the Super Bowl…..that final catch that was almost missed……and then the interception that wasn’t missed….and then….



(Have you ever been in the center of a bunch of kids…..everybody yelling that? Pushing you into the middle like some junior gladiator….fight, fight, fight!!!. ┬áThat stunk when that happened….)

You know….tempers ran high…..and these big dudes started pounding on each other near the end zone….and it was like the best hockey game I didn’t watch (either) this year.

It was the best.

It’s all so hyped….everything….the game, the show….the commercials….all so hyped.

Nate’s up….got to go.

But….what about that fight?!!

And wasn’t that halftime show kind of desperate and boring?

Just rock out on a small stage….rock hard and true…..and it would be more fun for me to watch.


Oh…..and maybe do more of the funky “bobble catches”. That was kind of different.


























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