still stiff in the morning

I haven’t been out running for a while.

I’m stiff when I wake up in the morning….like somebody bashed me with the baseball bat that’s labeled “old”.

I don’t feel like that when I’m running.

But….I don’t want to run when I feel like that.

It all seems like some sort of mental game.

What a conundrum.

This video is a good example of why I want to start running again.

I think that maybe it’s all about getting out someplace beautiful… and peaceful….and just having some good quiet time.

Jenny needs that, too.

Kids don’t understand quiet time.

I think that they understand “beautiful”….but “quiet reflection” seems to be foreign to their character.

So….unless they fall asleep and we can put them in the jog stroller…..or unless we get over our (rightly) aversion to ever drugging them so that they fall asleep and we can put them into the jog stroller…it’s next to impossible to get a run in when they’re awake.

We aren’t going to leave them home with the dog, either.

We don’t even have a dog.

Maybe we just have to get up earlier and earlier….become some kind of ultramarathoning vampires….creatures of the night…..with a good supply of rechargeable batteries for our headlamps?

Maybe that’s the way to go?

Who knows what “the way to go” is, anyway?

There’s a lot of different directions.

But….I do know that it’s pretty easy to just sit in an office chair and watch YouTube videos about people doing interesting and athletic things.

That doesn’t stress me physically….or emotionally.

Simple as pie, that.

And, you know?

It’s really pretty simple to just “start”, again, too.

You lace up your shoes and click the door shut behind you.

How much more simple can it get?

If I can’t do “simple”, then ….WHAT CAN I DO?


Watch this video….this guy is pretty interesting.


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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