lake people

lake summit

We rode our bikes around one side of the lake yesterday.

The minivan is down for a while….so taking all 6 of us in one vehicle is pretty impossible….so we took two vehicles loaded with people and bicycles….and went to the lake to ride.

A lady stopped her Mercedes before we started riding to tell us that it was horribly dangerous to ride around the lake.

Jenny said that she thought she might have been trying to chase us away.

It wasn’t dangerous.

It’s funny how things go like that….when we bought our other property, people told us that it was covered up with snakes.

So far, we’ve seen one black snake.

That’s it….one black snake.

Anyway, this is about the lake and riding a bicycle…..and really about “lake people”.

I don’t really know what a “lake person” is.

Maybe it’s one of the people who whoop it up on the dock of their expensive lake house?

Maybe it’s one of the ones sitting on the porches of the “mansions on the hill”?

Maybe it’s one of the ones who look at us riding our bikes on the publicĀ road around the lake like they’re wondering what we’re doing on their turf?

Maybe it’s just people in a position to enjoy living around the lake?

Maybe that’s all there is to it.

It looks pretty idylic.

I think that I must be a little jealous.

It’s funny, though….even amongst the “lake people”, there’s a weird hierarchy.

The ones on the side of the lake we were on probably think that they’re on the “good side”….and even on the “good side”, there are grand mansions and little shacks.

Of course, the little shacks are pretty expensive.

It’s something about the “location”.

But….the little shacks look pretty shabby in comparison to the new buildings.

People sure do have some money.

How does that happen?

Of course, cleaning up after our dinner, I threw away a cup of leftover rice….and thought, “Man….that would be a feast for some of the folks in other countries….”.

So….I guess that it’s all relative.

It is funny when the lake people look at us like we’re invading their club.

How do you get into that club, anyway?


picture from an article in the Wall Street Journal that talked about “fancy houses on the lake”….and that featured one on Lake Summit.

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