talking about people…talking about people

I hear that Idaho might be the place to go.

Put down roots….hide out….enjoy the natural wonder while Armageddon percolates outside your door….safe in the womb of the skinny part of a wonderful state.

Nah….there’s more to Northern Idaho than a bunch of survivalists hiding out.


Imagine that.

Here’s a video of a trip up to Sandpoint ID from Coeur d’Alene.

If you were going the opposite direction, you would eventually get to where we might live someday.

That’s a lot of tail lights.

There’s a whole lot more to Idaho than a bunch of tail lights…but I guess that you can’t fathom a journey if you don’t know what the path might be like.

Here’s another video….snowy, this time.

Sandpoint is beautiful….and so is the rest of Idaho.


Don’t let the word get out.

The title of this post was me thinking how funny it is when I report what somebody else said…..and I’m just another person talking about….people talking.

If I don’t really have anything to say….I just repeat what somebody else said.

I could fill up a lot of air repeating things I’d heard.


On another note, here’s an old Bonnie Raitt performance…from 1972.

I’d never heard any of this stuff…’s pretty great.





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