We’re doing some early Spring cleaning at our house.

It feels good to get some stuff out of here.

Of course, most of the stuff is mine….and “getting it out”…in my case, at least….often means that I just re-organize….and shift to a more….shift to a more……shift to a more…..more….

I need some coffee….it’s early.

Shift to a more appropriate and efficiently placed….place.

Sometimes, I wonder how much coffee it would take for me to “remember all my words”.

Jenny said that she and Zoe counted all my jackets once and I had like 50 or so.

That’s insane.

I’ve heard that people who didn’t have shoes as young people sometimes become hoarders….and end up with 100’s of pairs of shoes….wandering the street…hitting up all the thrift shops….buying shoes…even if they don’t really fit….scared that someday, they might run out of shoes.

They don’t want to end up in the same boat…..that they were in….when they were young.

They like shoes.

I don’t remember ever being really cold or lacking for a jacket.

I wonder why I like to buy jackets?

I’ll see some great jacket….in a thrift store…that I know sold for quite a bit of money….realize what a bargain it is….and have to add it to the collection.

I never knew that I had 50 jackets, though.

50 “all together” is embarrassing.

It’s not so embarrassing when I’m just adding another one to the edge of the pile.

(They’re actually on hangers….like anyone else’s collection of jackets, mine are on hangers…but if they were in a big pile, it would be embarrassing to see how many there were….)

So…..I end up with all these bargains….and, indeed, they are bargains….Gore-tex and Carhartt…vintage….GOOD, GOOD, GOOD….

But the thing about all these bargains is that a bargain that you don’t end up using really isn’t a bargain.

You could spend the rest of your life with that Carhartt albatross around your neck if you aren’t judicious with your jacket purchases.

It doesn’t get cold enough here to use my Artic gear.

But, I’m ready when the meteor hits and the new Ice Age begins.

I’m ready…if I can find any of it in the pile….hangers.

It’s good to get rid of stuff….I’ve narrowed it down to about 37 jackets, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

I read about the artist, Russell Chatham, a while back.

His wardrobe consists of 3 pairs of bib overalls and eight gray t-shirts.

That’s the way I’m going to roll….overalls and a couple of t-shirts.

Unless I see a really cool old Gore-tex jacket.

I might need it someday.


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