Partying With The Batman


My youngest son went to a superhero themed birthday party today and he was the only one wearing a mask.

The invitation said to come as your “best alter-ego”…but when we pulled up with a mask and cape, no one else looked any more super than they probably did everyday.

No one had anything close to a costume on….except for a little girl with a reindeer sweater and a purple mask.


Nate didn’t care.

He was the one who’d gotten it “right”, anyway.

This was a theme party, after all.

One thing that I noticed is how many of the parents have smart phones.

What a buffer that is….to be able to swipe away at the glass screen of a smart phone instead of sitting awkwardly with the other technologically deprived parents.

They can go anywhere….and not really be present.

I guess it’s kind of weird that we all stick around for the party, though.

Jenny commented that a kid’s party used to be for the kids….a drop off and say goodbye sort of thing.

It’s insane, anyway you color it.

Little kids running around, shooting each other with silly string, eating only candy off the buffet because it’s a party and they can.

I kept hearing, “THE BATMAN DID IT!!! THE BATMAN DID IT!!”

I wonder who they were talking about?

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