The older kids had a treehouse when they were little.

I built it out of scabbed together wood and rough materials…..and a lot of love.

That’s all you have sometimes….a tiny bit of money….and some love.

I painted it green.

I hope that they enjoyed it….and that it was fun to have a place up in the woods that they could call their own.

Now I’m building a treehouse for these little guys.

The old one rotted at a main support….and after it lay cockeyed on the ground for a couple of years, I burned it.

So….now I’m building a new one.


The thing about this new one is that it’s really pretty high off the ground.

I suspect that if I’m nervous getting up there to build it, it might be kind of terrifying for these little ones.

The ground slopes….so even though it’s only about ten feet off the ground in the front, it feels like it’s about a hundred on the back side.

That’s an exaggeration….it’s probably only about fifteen feet or so….but it feels high.

I’m going to have to put up a good railing.

That’s the thrill of a treehouse, though….it needs to feel like it’s in the clouds for a kid to feel like he or she has “gotten their money’s worth”.

These pictures are early ones after today’s work….all it shows is an eight by ten platform….no decking or structure….no railing….no way to get up to it other than the ladders.

That all is going to come later.


It feels good to finally get something going after a couple of years of promises.

Now all I need to do is find us a good dog.

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