jim harrison

Jim Harrison died in March and, until I read a eulogy by Rick Bass in Men’s Journal, I hadn’t heard that it had happened.

He was in poor health….and his wife of 5 decades had died the previous autumn….and he had a number of health issues….gout, depression…spinal surgery….and, as Rick Bass wrote, “lately he had been wearing down.”

He died at his writing desk…working on a poem.

This guy was a great writer….one of my favorites.

He’s best known for writing the novella that the movie “Legends of the Fall” was based on……but he wrote a large number of books and collections of poetry and novellas.

He was prolific.

You remember Legends of the Fall?

That was a pretty good movie.

Like I said, though….this guy was a great writer.

Somehow, I hear about everything that the Kardashians do….why didn’t I hear that Jim Harrison had died?

Check out his books if you’ve never read any Jim Harrison….maybe start with “Legends of the Fall” because it’s familiar….or an older one called “Farmer”….or maybe “Dalva”.

He’s worth knowing about.

Jim Harrison…..born December 11 , 1937.  Died March 26, 2016.

December 11, 1937 – March 26, 2016.

He lived a big life in that “dash between”.


A PS….found this after posting the blog….

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