It’s the apps

I can’t wander by our desktop without checking the email.

I don’t know who might be willing to send me millions of dollars if I provide them with the necessary bank routing numbers.

I might miss some male enhancement opportunities.

I might miss something.

Here’s a Ted talk by a young inventor who talks about how freeing it is to not have the distraction of a smartphone.

There’s an app to help you avoid wasting time with a smartphone.

I sure of it….there must be an app.

Anyway….here’s the talk….

One point she makes is how important the reaction to not having things is.

When you don’t have things, it makes you into a more creative person….out of necessity.

You have to figure out how to provide for yourself.

Maybe you make your own fun…

Maybe you invent a flashlight that runs on the heat in the human hand….like Ann Makosinski did.

We have so much.

We’re good at thrift shopping.

We’re good at finding piles of cool stuff….for very little money.

That’s a skill.

But….we’re getting a little better at getting rid of the stuff we accumulate, too.

You need space to create.

You need time to create.

Interesting point she makes….sometimes these things we have are crippling instead of freeing us.

I’m still sucked in…even though I have a pay as you go phone that doesn’t do much.

I don’t have an app to my name.

Am I poorer for it?

Do I need a smartphone?

Nah….I need to finish the treehouse.

That’s what I need.


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