Go, José !!

The soundtrack work that Kenny Loggins did in the 1980’s wouldn’t have led me to his music.

I was a fan from his days in Loggins and Messina, but the work he did for soundtracks way back when wasn’t something that I was very interested in.

This guy, José González, is a different story.

He did a lot of the music for one of my favorite movies, the new version of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

That’s where I discovered him first.

Thanks, Ben Stiller.

Mellow, mellow, mellow.

Start this playing, get a glass of wine, cook some pasta….enjoy the cool breeze blowing through the window…..and think about getting or using your passport.

There are so many good musicians in the world….and this is one who I’m really glad lives on this planet.

Good stuff!!

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