we had to pay extra

We rented our first porta potty today.

We didn’t do it just so that I could cross an item off my bucket list.

We did it because the leach field has failed and the tank is filling up and we desperately need an alternative to the pooh water being somewhere where the puppy can lick it.

That’s it….in a nutshell.

Surprisingly, it’s not that expensive to rent a porta potty.

It would be cheaper to rent it for a year than it would be to repair the septic system.


Nah. It’s kind of unpleasant to go out in the rain and use the portable outhouse.

But…..it’s a lot less unpleasant to use the porta potty than it is to dig a cat hole in the woods.

That being said….I’m excited about having a pleasant place to….evacuate.

We found, too, that if you pay a little bit extra, you can experience what these good folks are experiencing in the video.

I hope that they don’t wake up the neighborhood when I have to go in the middle of the night.

I think that it’s money well spent, though.

The kids will never forget how entertaining it was to have a porta potty in the driveway.

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