chain gang

I talked with a woman out on the route yesterday who’d had, what sounded like, a pretty horrific bicycling accident a while back.

She was limping pretty badly and her wrist was torqued in a weird way, and when I asked how she was, she told me that she’d been going down the watershed and there was a tractor in her lane, and when she went to pass him at speed, he turned left, and she hit him.

I guess that the real “salt on the wound” was that the cops ticketed her for passing on a yellow line.


This is the kind of stuff she’d have been riding through.

I guess that she had to throw away her helmet.

It got crushed in the accident.

It’s not all that safe to ride a bike with any cars around.

It’s not safe to ride a bike with any tractors around.

Who would have thought that a tractor would take you down?

Out of Michigan came the story of a group of cyclists who called themselves “the Chain Gang” who were in a pretty bad accident, too.

They were riding up in Michigan when a guy in a pickup truck plowed into them.

The accident killed 5 and injured 4.

I guess that if you ride a bike you know what the potential for injury is.

It’s a risk worth taking….it’s pretty great to ride.

And, you know, the way the folks on our road drive, sometimes it feels risky to even stand at your mailbox and check your mail.

Life is risky.

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