“I figured it out….and, then….I made this video”

Sometimes, if it’s on YouTube, you can almost take it for granted that the information is correct.



I was looking for a brake repair video this morning, just to refresh my knowledge about how to do the job, and I came across one where the guy said that he’d just learned how to do it and that he’d made the video so that other people wouldn’t have the same problems with the job that he’d had.


There are a lot of videos on YouTube.

That’s what they do.

Here’s a different one that looked pretty good.

I pick up tips from these good videos…and it’s a lot less offensive than hanging over the mechanic’s shoulder while he’s working.

It’s amazing how much different information is out there, though.

If I figure something out….even a little….does it make me an expert?

I think that I better put a disclaimer on my whole life if I’m going to operate like that.

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