drugless hallucination

Image result for palouse regionTalking last night with Jenny about driving through the Palouse region out west.

It’s a little south of some property in Idaho where my father spent some of his growing up years.

Talk about something that’s so breathtakingly beautiful that it….takes your breath away.

Takes your breath away…..

It really is a drugless hallucination to be out there and surrounded by all that rolling green.

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anything like it.

That’s the thing about traveling, though: you take what you see with you, and years later you can call up that memory to help yourself feel like you felt when you where there.

That’s a good thing.


Here’s a song that I heard the other day that I thought was pretty good.

It’s not peaceful like the Palouse’s, but it’s kind of funny…to me….at least…

“burn the honeysuckle” The Gourds




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drugless hallucination — 2 Comments

    • That is one of the most surreal and beautiful places you will ever see. I think that they used it in the opening part of the movie “Toys” (old Robin Williams movie) but it’s been so long since I’ve seen it that I couldn’t say for sure. Glad it was a balm….

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