more about running

I think that it’s about being a good animal.

I think that it’s about getting out into nature and being what we were designed to be.

I think that there is so much more to this whole ball of wax than driving around in a right hand drive Jeep.

But…on the other hand…having a good job where I drive my old Jeep and turn the reggae up as loud as I want is pretty darn cool.

Here’s another video about running.

Yesterday’s post was about “doing” and how just talking about stuff all the time never gets you closer to the doing.

It’s kind of like having a book about doing something doesn’t mean that you understand how to do it.

You just have a book about doing.

I need to build a fire and bring the family and some hot dogs up the hill.

If you’re going to be talking about doing something, at least you’re cooking a hot dog around a campfire while you’re not doing the thing you’re talking about doing.

That feels a little more active.


A short PS….Geoff Roes ran to the point of overtraining and has had difficulty with his running since then. This video was made before that happened. ┬áMaybe being a “good animal” is understanding when to rest, too? Competitive running doesn’t really encourage that when you’re pursuing victory, though, I suppose.

His blog can be found here:


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