See the World….episode 2…the YouTube video series

Here it is! As promised! The second video in the series by  Iohan Gueorguiev!  Sharing these videos is the thing I do on Sundays (for a while)…..See the World episode 2….

I get up at 5.

Whether or not I hear the alarm on my watch, I wake up at five o’clock.

This morning, I woke up like I always do….and it was 4 AM.

I didn’t do anything different, but, somehow, it was 4 in the morning.

Daylight savings time is such a ripoff.

Time is pretty arbitrary, though….until I have to get up for work tomorrow and my body is still confused.

This episode takes place in Alaska.

We went back to Idaho after not being out West for a while.

We went to Canada.

We’ve never been to Alaska, though.

There is so much that I want to see.

This video series is pretty inspiring….but it’s a hard way to travel with a family.

I can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Nate has learned to ride his bike now, but I wouldn’t think that riding up the Dalton Highway is something that he (or I) would be up to.

That’s pretty darn rugged stuff.

So….watching any of these videos is a tease for me….but it fuels something that really does need fueling.

It’s really important to be happy…no matter where you are.

You take care of your family however you need to. You take care of needs, and you nurture.

It’s important to take care of the business of living.

We need to try to create a situation where everybody can grow and be happy.

I don’t know that I’m all that good at doing any of these things….but I know that I have to be for things to really roll smoothly.

But….I really think that you need to remember how big the world is, too….and work towards seeing more of it all the time.

I want to see the world, too.

There’s nothing wrong with wanderlust.

Wanderlust shouldn’t fuel your disappointment with the things around you, though.

Disappointment is not something that haunts me.

I’m happy with my life.


I do want to get out and see everything, though.

This is a great video series. If you have a spare hour this Sunday, do yourself a favor and watch this one.


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