trail running and a short film called the distance

Here’s a short video about trail running and ultra-distance runner Jim Walmsley called “The Distance”.

It looks good to be out there running in the woods.

I’m not sure about running 100 miles, though.

I had a dream last night that I was going to run a half marathon.

In my dream, I was lining up with accomplished runners and friends, shifting from side to side, feeling the stones in my shoes.

I knew that I shouldn’t start off on a journey like a half marathon with stones in my shoes, so I took the shoes off and emptied them out.

When I looked down again, I realized that the shoes that were uncomfortable only moments before were now non-existent.

They weren’t in my hands and they weren’t on my feet.

I looked for a pair of shoes to borrow when I couldn’t find mine, but couldn’t find any.

That’s when I woke up.

Maybe it’s all a commentary on preparation and making excuses?

I have shoes.

I know how to empty out the rocks.

I know how to run.

So….what’s the excuse?

In my dream, I hadn’t trained for the run at all.

I was going to go out and just run this thing without getting ready.

That sounds kind of typical.

If my preparations aren’t a dodge and a way to avoid committing, they’re woefully under developed.

I once almost started a road trip with a nail in my tire.

The car was a Dodge.

I don’t know if there’s any correlation.

I think that if you let your preparations become the activity, and the preparations keep you from doing the thing you’re preparing for, you’re going to miss out on a lot.

This is a good short film.

I know how to empty the stones from my shoes.

I can do that much, at least.


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