In Amsterdam, a bike repairman must be like a quiet god…with a small “g”, of course

This is a short film called De Benen van Amsterdam (Legs of Amsterdam).

In Amsterdam, a bike repairman must be an important man.

There are a lot of bikes in Amsterdam.

The bike mechanic and shop owner in this video is named Frans van der Meer.

The shop itself has been in business for 90 years….and Frans has run it for 22.


I loved this video.

I post a lot of videos on this site, mostly because when I get up really early in the morning and the house is still quiet for a moment, my head is often so fuzzy that I can barely think straight.

Starting a post with a video is easy.

Sometimes, a video is so good that it makes it really easy to write a blog post.

This video is about more than a bike shop.

It’s about relationships and community and….right livelihood!

That’s it! It’s about finding your place in the world that makes you feel like you’re on the right track….where the vocation suits the life.

And it’s all about community, too.

Check out all these people coming into his shop with their broken bicycles!

Look at the interaction he has with his community and how he takes care of them!

That’s a beautiful thing!

At one point, late in the video, he says, “This shop is my freedom. It’s my work and I feel at home here.”

Ahhhhhhh….”this shop is my freedom”!

What would it be like to feel like that about your work?

That, too, is a beautiful thing.

I think that people, to be really happy, need to feel like they are taking care of the needs of the people around them.

This guy, this great bike shop guy, is taking care of a big need in Amsterdam.

Frans van der Meer! Thanks for being out there in the world!

Knowing that you’re fixing all those bikes makes me smile!

Watching this video, De Benen van Amsterdam/Legs of Amsterdam, makes me happy!

What a great way to start the day!



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