my pleasure

New Years Eve….and we’re watching “Moana” on Android TV on an older Nexus Player….and Maui says “you’re welcome” after coming back to save Moana….towards the end of the movie…and, for some reason, I thought of the guys at Chick-Fil-A saying “my pleasure” when they serve you and you say “thank you” to them.

“My pleasure”.

That’s beautiful.

We ate at a McDonalds in Greenville, and the guy behind the counter’s response to the same “thank you” was “not a problem”.

“Not a problem”?

Not so good.

Not as good as “my pleasure”.

It’s only when you have something as decent and kind as “my pleasure” to compare “not a problem” to do you start to see how weak a response “not a problem” is.

Why should it be a problem? They got your money….they aren’t doing you a favor. Why would it possibly be a problem?

Our ultimate pleasure on this earth is found in being in service to others.

I forget that.

I forget that with my family….and I forget that with the world at large.

I forget that the role that makes me really happy…is consciously making other people happy.

But, really now, why would a grumpy old fool like me ever remember something like that, anyway?

“My pleasure”?

I love that.

What a great response to a thankyou…..and…whether I mean it all the time or not, I should start working on giving that as a response when I am gifted with a “thank you”.

Because it is a gift for a kindness to be acknowledged.

It’s all a gift if I’m looking with the right eyes.

Seeing it all with the right eyes and perspective?

My pleasure.

Happy New Years.



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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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