redhead box

I ordered one of these Redhead steering boxes tonight to replace the leaking one in the Cherokee….and I checked on a price to have it put on at the mechanic I use when I’m too tired, cold, and lazy to lay in the gravel driveway and do it myself.

I hope these Redhead boxes are as good as people say they are.

But….you know….for a right hand drive box, the price wasn’t too bad.

It was still as expensive as heck, but compared to all the junkyard ones I saw….and the other prices out on the internet, it really wasn’t bad.

Or….maybe….it wasn’t the worst price out there.

Anyway….they seemed like good folks to deal with….and they’ve been in business for a while…so I hope it all works out.

It should work out.

Why should I expect anything less than the most positive of outcomes?

That’s what I’m talking about….the positive expectation of a glorious outcome.

Sounds good.

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