We watched a documentary a while back called “Maidentrip”.

It’s about a young sailor’s trip around the world.

The sailor’s name is Laura Dekker.

This is a talk that she gave about her life and journeys.

I know …..nothing….about sailing.

It would be easier to climb up onto a bicycle seat than it would to figure out how to sail.

But….what an adventure it would be to get out on the water!

Of course, at this point it would be a satisfying adventure to go to the beach and find a really good seafood restaurant that overlooked the ocean.

That would be a good adventure, too, I guess….just not the kind of adventure that sailing around the world would be.



There is so much to ponder in the world…..and, you know? Pondering doesn’t get you very far along in experiencing any real adventures.

You really have to get on the boat for the adventure to happen.

“Maidentrip” used to stream on Netflix….check it out if you get a chance.

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