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If you’re going to be an Ebay seller of used merchandise, where are you going to get your stock?

Thrift stores, of course!


I hate that mentality.

We don’t buy to flip.

We buy to use…and, at this point, we only buy what we use.

We don’t always buy what we want, although we still do some of that if the opportunity is too good to pass up.

We buy what we use.

We find less of what we could use….use personally…..because we’re in “competition” with the people who are only buying for resale.

But, I guess that’s their business.

What we find we consider blessings.

We don’t stem the flow of “blessings” by attaching them to a business.

There is a big business in reselling what is found in thrift stores.

With smart phones and always available¬†internet access, it’s easier than ever to instantly research a potential purchase.

It’s distasteful….only because it creates competition with people who have no intention of using an item personally.

Awwww….it’s just sour grapes on my part.

Selling used clothing is still more environmentally friendly than producing and selling new stuff.

It just bothers me that all these dealers are taking useful and affordable stuff and jacking up the price on Ebay.

Dealers are my nemesis.

Greedy dealers.

Filthy lucre.

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