Congo Dandies!

Congo Dandies!

Man, this is intense….materialism at its finest…or worst.

Here’s some dudes who dress up in their fanciest clothes….in an area where most of the people don’t make a lot of money….and, who, through their efforts, are local celebrities because of how dapper they look.

You know, though….it’s only the extreme contrast between the fancy dress and their surroundings that make it look strange.

We all do that….dress to impress.

I’m kind of scruffy….but I suppose that even I do that.

I know that when I wear my old “Dead Air” t-shirt that I’m going to get some good comments on it.

So even “scruffy” has a sense of style.

One of these fellows was showing off a pair of shoes….I think that he called them “Westons”….that he saved for 2 years to get.

He said that normally he would have bought a plot of land with the money, but that he needed the shoes to keep being a dandy.

He has a family that looks like they are having a hard time…. but he looks pretty sharp walking around town in his Westons.

A plot of land would have been a good purchase.

We’re the same, though.

We just don’t have that extreme comparison to draw attention to how weird some of our purchases are.

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