Wherever you go….whatever you get…you still want to be that child who gets to live in a tree.

From the YouTube description….

Fred Reid has reached the top of his industry- he’s been president of Delta Airlines, CEO of Virgin America, president and CEO of Lufthansa and today he’s president of Flexjet-, but often when he’s not working he escapes to his secret place: a tiny house on stilts. His hermitage is a small cabin three stories above the ground. It’s not exactly a treehouse since it’s not attached to any tree, but it’s tucked so tightly between the redwoods it appears a part of the grove. To design the elevated home- permitted as an observation tower- he called upon Scott Constable of Wowhaus who crafted a refuge with only the “luxury of the essential”. The House of Tree- as Reid has dubbed it- doesn’t have plumbing or electricity, instead he relies on kerosene, bottled water and a camping stove. “Though not technically a ‘tree house’ because it makes no connection to any tree, the elevated cabin,” explains Constable on his Deep Craft blog, “has all of the hallmarks of one: 360 degree views through the trees, rustic accommodations, no utilities, and a feeling of being apart from everything but closer to nature.” In this video we visit Reid’s West Sonoma “spiritual sanctuary” where Constable takes us for a tour inside the second growth redwood grove and up above in the roughly 200 square foot rustic, crafted home.

Here’s the treehouse you build if your funds don’t have claustrophobic limits.

Good grief!

That’s kind of a cool thing to spend your money on, though.

Makes me think that no matter our accomplishments in this life, the thing that brings joy as we age are often the things that got us jacked up as kids….freedom, funkiness, a fort in the trees.

I’m glad that we don’t completely outgrow a sense of wonder.

We get stiff….but we never forget how it feels to run.

That’s a real blessing….good memories.

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