it’s the life….it’s the home

I was going to say something snarky about stainless and granite.

That’s the cliché on all these home improvement shows….stainless and granite….”I need my stainless and granite”….but….these guys have it in their tiny home and it looks pretty cool.

Who would imagine that these hippies would use stainless and granite in their beautiful tiny home?

So…I need to check my attitude at the door….most times.

Usually, the cliché is a truth that’s just used too many times.

That’s all.

Here’s another great Kirsten Dirksen video.

From the YouTube description:

Spud and MaryEsther Hooley have spent four decades in tiny homes, including a converted caboose in Idaho, a trapping cabin on the Snake River, a yurt in Mongolia, a wall tent while commercial fishing in Alaska, a 19’ van in Mexico, and a year in a sailboat from Europe to Russia.

When they moved back to the United States, the Hooleys began building a tiny home in Sisters, Oregon, relying on their years of construction experience with both tiny spaces and community development work in Romania, Nepal and Mongolia. Named “The North Sister” (after the local mountain peak), the the 300-square-foot home on wheels (200 floor + 100 loft) is the sum of many handcrafted details: custom storage stairs finished in bamboo for a soft step, a full-sized shower with corrugated metal and exposed copper pipes, a kitchen with a generous farmhouse sink and full-height fridge.

The Hooley’s tiny house co:

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