Surfing big waves….really big waves….Greg Long

It’s turning into Fall here, and, after a trip to the beach last week, I’m thinking about ocean and the things that people do there.

The “beach”….what a great place.

Little waves will crunch you….I can only imagine what a big wave would do.

Here’s a┬ápresentation by Greg Long and National Geographic Live.

There are big waves out there in the world….and Greg Long is one of the guys who ride them.

How do they get pictures of some of this stuff?

How do they get pictures of a man almost drowning?

When it’s hitting the fan at my house the last thing we’d be doing is taking pictures.

We don’t have an entourage, though, so I guess it makes sense.

When it goes down at my house, it’s just us…and we take care of business.

It’s pretty wild….what this guy does.

Big waves.



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