Side-door container 2nd life as WA’s ski town outdoorsy home

I’ve never seen a container with side doors. And….that brings up an interesting design option that the more common container doesn’t bring to mind: why not use the container as a protective shell….and build and insulate your house like you … Continue reading

More about Jacob and his “Wooden House”

This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog post. Jekabs Dimiters! That’s the dude! Building the house! And….in the video below…..playing the music. To do something with extreme competence…..and play music, too….that’s a good life. And….his family seems really nice, too. … Continue reading

Couple makes garage home + campervan a consistent life combo

Look at the design work in this garage apartment….the built-ins….the concrete countertops….the use of space! Skill + Creativity=a powerful combination! Man! That’s cool! This couple lives in their van most of the year while they’re travelling and uses this apartment … Continue reading