the right eyes…

I’ve said before that sometimes to see the beauty in the things around us we just need to look at it all with the “right eyes”.

There’s beauty everywhere….if we look at it in the right light.

And I really do believe that.

Having said that….some places really are more beautiful than others.

Some places don’t need a lot of aggressive positivity or altered perception to be thought of as being beautiful.

Good grief…..Norway.

Look at this!

And look at the big dogs these Vikings have!

Sometimes the ability to find things to satisfy you just keeps you from finding the really great things around us.

What do they call that?



(English is easier.)

Maybe “contentment” is a softer word to use.

Contentment keeps you in the same place…..just as much as complacency does.

Here’s another long Norway video….it’s Norway overload.

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