Man Converts Bus Into Tiny Home as Proof Money isn’t the Key to Happiness….another great Dylan Magaster video!

I don’t have a bunch of heroes.

I don’t watch sports much anymore.

Who wants some sports dude to be a hero, anyway?

My Dad took good care of my Mother….so I guess that he’s a hero to me.

No….he’s a hero. No guesswork there…..

There’s not a whole lot of folks who’d stand up to “hero scrutiny”.

Jesus is a hero and so much more (think about it some….who’s more heroic than Jesus?)

IF I was going to pick folks roaming around to be a hero, though, it would be somebody like this guy.

At least, from what I saw in the video, it would be someone like this guy.

He’s no Jesus….but….he’s pretty darn cool and seems to have his heart in a good place.

A dude with skills and a good heart makes for a good hero.

Even if he doesn’t have a truth lasso and bullet deflecting bracelets, he’s a good hero.

And….if calling him a hero is just hyperbole….he’s got some good skills and I admire the philosophy behind the “free tea bus”.

So….Guisepe! GO GUISEPE!

Guiseppe’s full name is Guisepi Spadafora….and he travels in his converted bus and gives away tea (and so much more) to foster interraction with people….to show that people can relate to each other in a way that doesn’t always have commerce at its center.

Dylan Magaster’s video content is so consistently good that picking a favorite would be kind of tough….but I think that this one might be….the one.

Thanks, Dylan!

Thanks, Guisepe!

Here’s a link to Guisepe’s website, 

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