We just got back from a Christmas road trip out West.

The minivan, in spite of being old and full of miles, is familiar and comfortable.

These folks are going out into the wilderness for a year.

By choice.

I’ll take my children out for a 20 hour drive in a crowded old vehicle…..crammed in and looking for the next rest area….but I don’t want to take them out for a year of hardship in the wilderness.

This is a wilder experience than driving 4400 miles over the course of two weeks of visiting family.

I’m glad we’re back home and the pipes are unfrozen and we have what we think we need to be comfortable.

Wilderness is a good thing.

Experiencing it is life changing and valuable.

This looks hard.

I get my family into all sorts of weirdness….but I will have to add this to my list of experiences to carefully consider….avoiding…. before we jump into a year of hardship.

If I can choose to avoid hardship…..then, why not choose to avoid hardship?

Video by Teaching Drum Outdoor School.

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