Buy a bunch of stuff….by the pallet!


It’s bad enough when the stuff trickles in.

You’d have to have a way to sell all this weird stuff.

Surely, you couldn’t buy a pallet of this crap and then just store it in the backroom.

That would be bad.

This guy sells the “Amazon Returns”….on Amazon.

That’s pretty weird.

He gets a pallet of Amazon Returns….and then ships them back to Amazon and sells them through the “fulfilled by Amazon” part of Amazon’s business (FBA).

So…you are getting a chance to buy something that someone returned because of…..whatever reason….and give it a new life.

These things get a second chance!

How about that?!

Did you know that might be where your FBA product was coming from?

Who knows what you’re getting when you shop anywhere.

I wondered what FBA meant.

It’s a crazy world.

He’s buying these pallets from an outfit called .

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