Free our Independence….right to repair

Farmers are a pretty independent group of people.

They take care of their own problems.

I’m not saying that they don’t ask for help…..I think that they’re willing to do that if they get a chance.

But….because of geography or economics or maybe just a desire to figure out how to fix stuff….I will bet that they repair what they can.

Here’s a video about a different kind of situation.

John Deere makes tractors (and other farm equipment) that, in many cases, can’t be repaired by the tractor owner.

John Deere doesn’t share diagnostic software that would allow a farmer to identify what the problem is on these newer and fully computerized pieces of equipment.

It sounds like they also “key” components so that replacing them with an identical component from another tractor won’t fix the problem….the “tractor” (I keep saying tractor….it could be any piece of equipment) won’t recognize or allow the new/used part.

What a crock…

Don’t make farm equipment that is going to be used in a rural setting….where a repair facilities’ location might demand that the piece of equipment be trucked a good distance to even be diagnosed…and suppose that you’re doing the farmer a service by providing a good piece of equipment.

That’s not very user friendly, in my opinion.

But don’t count the farmer’s out.

They’re learning to “hack” the software and to do what the dealers do.


“Right to Repair” is a movement started by farmers that requests that farmers can purchase the diagnostic tools that would allow them to repair their equipment.

Apple and Microsoft showed up at the hearings over this issue….because it would also mean that their industries would be affected by these rules.

Who saw that coming?

It’s a shame when companies lock the user out of being able to fix their own stuff.

I love that people figure out “workarounds”….even if it means using pirated Eastern European software.

I love that people keep trying.

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