mcdonalds happymeal transformer…the monkey has tools

Our four-year knows how to work a computer. Of course, he doesn’t know how to spell or type yet…so when he needs to look up something, he yells for me to type it in. I guess I’m the monkey’s stick. … Continue reading

my new johnson smith

I used to get this catalog “back in the day” that came from a company called Johnson Smith. It was a company that specialized at the time in the weird and the novel items that were all pretty darn appealing … Continue reading

hungry ghost

I was listening to one of my audio books yesterday and I realized that I am what is called a “hungry ghost“. In the Wikipedia link, it’s a pretty repulsive thing to be a hungry ghost….so maybe I should clarify … Continue reading

…down by the river

There was a great old skit on SNL that featured Chris Farley as a motivational speaker. In the skit, he mentions “living in a VAN…down by the RIVER”. And here’s this guy…this angry guy…living in a van somewhere. Holy Smokes!  … Continue reading