the wild,into

I’m listening to the audio book of Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” again. I’ve read the magazine article in Outside, read the book that Jon Krakauer developed from his article, watched the movie that Sean Penn developed from the book, … Continue reading

Malcolm in the Wilderness

I made fun of this video when I first saw it. I watched it…my smug attitude barely in check…and thought, “Good gosh…this guy is in for a bruising.  Imagine him living off the land?  Holy smokes…it’s going to be a … Continue reading

it’s a small world after all

I don’t have many chances to quote American actor Matthew McConaughey…the opportunity just doesn’t present itself very often…but he has a saying that I’m going to repeat here…. I think it came from the first movie I saw him in…Dazed … Continue reading

Reclaim Detroit

Oh my goodness. Don’t talk about the good things going on where it’s easy for good things to happen. Talk about the good things that are going on where it seems impossible for something good to happen. I think that … Continue reading

i am big brother

I have a little sister…we’re both adults now (or at least old enough to be considered adults)…so I have always been the “big brother”. It’s something I’ve always been. It’s something I’ll always be. You can’t change birth order. But … Continue reading