Sourdough…a great movie trapped in the tape

Back when I used to spend time picking up video box after video box, trying to decide on a movie that the whole family could watch…I discovered “Sourdough”.  I love this movie.  My family groans…sure that I couldn’t possibly be serious…but I am serious and I do have a lot of affection for this film.

This movie is the story of an older “mountain man” who’s spent the bulk of his life living way out in the Alaskan wilderness….and the eventual disillusionment he feels when “far out” isn’t far enough anymore.

It’s kind of a strange movie in some ways….kind of feels like a documentary with a plot…and I’m pretty sure that it’s out of print…just another one of those movies that you might find at the Salvation Army buried in a bin with about a couple of thousand other VHS orphans. It’s a  beautiful, slow paced, scenery rich film that “out realities” any of the rose throwing bimbo fests currently wasting our time.

Gil Perry was the star of the film…another mystery…I googled him to see what I could find and apparently there isn’t a lot out there. The movie was made back in the day when if you told someone that you’d googled them they probably would have punched you out…not understanding that it wasn’t anything with a deviant twist to it.  In the end… I couldn’t find out anything about Gil.  It was easier to disappear when it wasn’t so easy to find you.

This is one of the great “lost ones”…not like the Holy Grail or anything…but worth seeking out.  And if you can find a copy and watch it, maybe I can add you to the list of folks who groan when I say, “Awwwww…I Love that Sourdough movie…you ever see it? You want to watch it again?!!!

PS    Just discovered the above link….the movie’s writer/cinematographer’s  site that explains  his background and mentions the movie. He’s written two books about the history of the Iditarod…check it out.

Camo Truck

I’m approaching mid life in about 10 or so years (I’m 52 so that should give me a pretty good run) and I’ve started thinking about what kind of vehicle I need to get to satisfy my mid-life hunger pangs. The red Ferrari is the cliche….the little red Miata is kind of fey…so what’s a transplant wannabe mountain kind of guy to do?  Get a camouflaged Monster Truck, that’s what.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to command any respect in my golden years…but I think that when I pull up behind you in my 7 mpg hide in the woods mobile, welllll….people sit up and hunker down in their car seats and take notice that Big Daddy has arrived!

That I’m thinking at all about what kind of vehicle will command respect is probably a pretty good sign that I’m going to need something to compensate…but why not start early and get a jump on it all?  They probably check to see if the future owner has ever used a phrase like “command respect” before they let you register a camo truck, though…weed out the posers.  Wish me luck if you don’t see me  (I’ll be camouflaged, you understand?)


Barack re-elected, recreational use of marijuana approved for Washington and Colorado ( I don’t believe it was a cause or effect situation as far as the re-election went, though….the marijuana thing, I mean…just coincidence…not like “what were you smokin’?” )….and all this happens right after I get a chance to mention Lloyd Kahn in my blog for the first time.  Who’da thunkit?

I do like that song that Jennifer Hudson uses in her weight loss commercial, though…although the “new day” starts feeling like  the old day more and more.  Maybe we’ll get a chance to hear it in the coming days, who knows?  Or maybe we’ll get a chance to hear that CSI song that the Who did for the TV show? (just kidding…I know it wasn’t commissioned  to play while they were driving the fast boat).

It did feel like a year ago that if you could wear the “I’m a Republican” t-shirt that you were a shoo-in to become the next President of the United States. Not really sure what that says about the campaign….maybe that the guy we know about looked better with all his faults than the guy we wondered about.

Anyway, back to the marijuana thing.  Who’da thunkit.

My Favorite Lloyd

This is one of the books published by Lloyd Kahn and the folks at Shelter Publications.  These are great books…Lloyd has a great deal of curiosity and enthusiasm for all of the places he features…and I value any of his stuff highly.  He has a wonderful blog that I check daily…lots of excellent links and information…fine photography….an all around good guy.  Links for the Shelter store and the blog below:



Survivalism and the Law of Attraction

I used to wake up every morning, turn on the computer, and spend all morning before the rest of the family woke up reading the survivalist blog that I’d set my home page to. I was an expert on all the bad things that could happen to me and to my family…every threat and solution…everything that should and did keep me awake at night. For years I did this…all the news that was fit to print was just fuel for my paranoia.

I drive a rural postal route for money now ( I almost said to make a living…but by the grace of God I wake up every morning still breathing… I don’t think that the USPS has much to with my living) and one of the perks of my job is that I get to listen to books on cd as I open every mail box in my part of the world. Some of the books I’ve gotten to listen to have been about the Law of Attraction…the idea that what we think about determines what and who we are and what happens around us. It hit me after a little while that I had to question just what I was attracting with this interest in survivalism. I’m pretty convinced that we find what we’re looking for…and I was looking for the bad like knowing it was coming was going to help me prepare for all the worst to come.

I guess that the real turning point for me was when the writer of the blogs wife passed away. He loved her…you could tell by how affectionately he described their interactions…how he respected her contributions to their efforts to prepare, to build a business and blog….and then she was gone and I couldn’t help but feel that it was really pretty sad that so much of their time together was spent preparing for the bad times to come. Our time is pretty limited here on earth…both my parents are gone now and the fact of all of our mortality makes more of an impact on me than it did when I was 16…and I’ve lived long enough to know that bad things happen…but good things happen, too. (The people up in the northeast know it…you can’t go on if you don’t believe that good can come).

I don’t think that I steer the outcome of my life with an obsession with only good thoughts….I don’t think I have that power…but I do know that I notice a lot more of the good things when I’m looking for them. I can’t continue to prepare for the worst…but I can prepare in anticipation of the better things to come. That’s the choice I make…that things are better than I think…that the undercurrent that runs the strongest is one of good.


Ramit Sethi is a smart as…

Ramit Sethi is a smart as heck know-it-all Indian dude that , when it comes to finance at least, knows what he’s talking about. ( I suppose you thought I’d misspelled A** in the title? maybe….he is kind of a smarta**…and that’s probably a lot of the appeal of this book.)

The book isn’t a get rich quick kind of situation.  The main idea is that if we can “get out of our own way” (my quotes….not his), automate our finances, learn to avoid/eliminate fees, and save money in simple ways that we stand a better chance of being rich than if we continue to make the mistakes that the majority of us make.

I’ve read a bunch of this type of financial books….trying to figure it all out.  I guess it’s kind of like the friends who live at the beach who always want to come to visit the mountains.  We always want something different than what we have.  Temporarily, we don’t have a huge pile of money.  I’d like a huge pile of money….I’m not embarrassed to say it…a big old imposing pile of money…lots of money. I don’t love money….that’s the root of all evil…but I would love to have a bunch of money.  It would be fun.  Ramit’s book is a fun read. It’s fun to read about how to save, invest, and handle your money so that someday the reader might end up with a GIANT pile of money. (did I mention that I’d like to have a big ol’ honkin’ Scrooge McDuck style monster pile of money?  Well…I would. )

This book is currently a little more than ten dollars at….I can think of at least three tips that he gives that would save the price of the book in the first couple of chapters alone.It’s a bargain and a smart investment.

I’d like to sit down with Ramit sometime and chew the fat, have a couple of beers, let him pick up the tab (he’s a rich author, you know?)…but until that happens this book is the next best thing to hanging out with him.