Me likey.

This isn’t a “tiny house”.

Thank goodness.

I think that when people develop multiple television shows about tiny houses that it’s time for my interest to start waning a bit.

That whole “hard walled tent” idea is still a good one….but it’s gotten kind of goofy, all these people looking to put their stuff into storage and downsize, etc.

If you can find a big enough storage facility, it really takes the pressure off when you “downsize”.

A tiny house is kind of like some trendy new purse or something.

Those shows make it feel “trendy” to live in a really small space.


This house is a great example of what I’d build….if I was going to build a small home out on 40 acres in Colorado.

Two sided porch, what looks like tinted concrete floors….nice loft that you can actually use….468 sq. ft.

And….it’s off grid.

Good stuff.

Anyway….”too small” never really works… anyway.


Jenny and I talk about having a place at the beach.

We talk about having a place in Idaho.

We talk about having a fixing up our small farm.

We talk about a lot of things.

Can you imagine what it would mean for a family to grow up with a place like this one at Nag’s Head in North Carolina?

How cool would that be to have a place….ummmmmm, this COOL…to meet at and spend family time together?

What a destimation….errrr, destination…..(that’s a funny misspelling….”destimation”….like a train wreck family getogether….a descimation….funny, sort of…Freudian slip)….that would be to have a beach house like this old one.

I guess that if you don’t dream nothing ever happens…..but, if all you do is dream….nothing ever happens.

Dreams are good starting points.

It would be good to have sandy feet, a cool screened porch ….and a glass of iced tea or a cold beer….sometime very soon.

I’d like that.

you never call anymore…See the World ep 14

It was going to be a regular thing…that weekend posting of another Iohan Gueorguiev video….but….I got lazy and distracted and didn’t do it.

Iohan’s videos are some of the best stuff that’s on YouTube.

Good, good, good stuff.


Here he is, bicycling around the world….putting in the hours….pedaling out the mileage….and I don’t even pay him the respect he deserves by reposting his videos on my blog.

What the heck?!! What’s wrong with me?

Sorry, Iohan.

I’ll try to do better in the future.

Thanks for the videos.


We put up a couple of sections of fence around the “new property’s” new gate….and, suddenly, the place feels kind of “fortified”.

Funny how that works.

It’s still pretty wide open.

You can get where you want to go if you have any imagination.

I didn’t put a bubble over the whole thing or cyclone fence around the entire perimeter.

I just put three sections of split rail fence around the gate I put up last week.

But, still, it feels like I’m saying, “Hey….this is somebody’s place now. Quit walking around on it and acting like it’s your own semi-private park…”

If that’s what I’m saying….well, good for me.

Fences are good.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing your boundaries….and….they’re kind of nice to visit over, too.

split rail

YouTube is so cool.

I have an idea that I know how to build a split rail fence….but….I really don’t know how to build a split rail fence.

These guys seem to know what they’re doing….and, a short video later, I can pretend that I have a better idea of how to get the job done than I had before I watched the video.

I’m going to do this over at the property we bought “across town”.

Good fences make good neighbors.