“selling the airplane, selling the house”….and….moving to a sailboat

We want to buy a pop-up camper.

Or a new minivan.

Or…tires for the Mail Jeep.

I may have to sell the plane.

Who am I kidding? We don’t have a plane….or a big house.

This is interesting….I guess.

Watching people with….”with”….do things…make these big decisions….sell the stuff to live on a boat (with a FAMILY OF SIX!! LIKE US….BUT….NOT LIKE US…) …. is different.

But…we have so much, too.

It’s crazy how good our life is.

We’re part of the privileged whether we recognize it all the time or not.

I don’t know if I like these guys all that much.

“Selling the plane”?


how long will it take?

Did this on Jenny’s minivan last night.

At the beginning of any of these jobs, especially if they start before dinner, Jenny is curious how long it’s going to take to finish.

This is either a fast and easy job….or a horrible job that takes a while….depending on what you find when you start turning (or trying to turn) any of the fasteners.

I ended up cutting the bottom nut off on the side that I decided to finish last night.

“Horrible” is relative…but the job didn’t go really easy.

One thing that I notice in these videos is that it seems to be a lot more ergonomic to have the car up on a lift than it is to lay in the gravel.

That looks a lot more comfortable.

This isn’t a horrible job, really, but the simplest things can get hard if the nut is frozen on and the space is tight.

I’ll hold my tongue the next time I tell somebody that “it should be easy”.

Here’s another video that shows a mechanic working through the problems you’ll potentially run into…..

(He doesn’t have a lift!)

what could be more boring than a guy talking about things that would be fun to do….instead of doing something fun…all the time?

Here’s another sailing video.

Maybe it’s something about all the blue….liquid….beautiful….big horizons.

I used to say that heaven must be like a wheat field in the Dakotas….waving in the breeze….big horizon….blue sky.

That makes me feel peaceful just to think about that.

The ocean is like a wheat field….without the wheat or a piece of sod to step out on.

You can’t just dream about what you want to do, though.

You have to “do”.

Ahhhhhhh…..we “do”.

We maintain.

We just need to get out more…..way out…..more.

So….what’s so bad about thinking of sailing…..out on the ocean….anchoring somewhere offshore of a paradise island?

That would be kind of nice.

Building a cabin in Idaho would be nice.

What else?

Watch the end of this video where they talk about the coral in Bora Bora….sad.


pretend monsters

Image result for monsters inc

Sparrow, our youngest child, told me the other night that she was afraid of the “pretend monsters”.

Knowing they’re the “pretend” monsters doesn’t help to not be afraid of them.

They’re real to her….even if she knows that they’re only pretend monsters.

I wonder how big my list of pretend monsters is?

All the financial stuff….decimal points and digits out in the cloud….filthy lucre….

Maybe social status or the things I might do on occasion to “keep up appearances”….



I wonder how any of them are more real than the pretend monsters that bother Sparrow sometimes in the night…..when the light is going away and the shadows rule?

I need to learn to not be afraid of the pretend monsters, too.

“gave up his job”

What the heck?

I love my job.

If I really back up quickly….and look at things from a good perspective….my job is perfect.

I drive around and deliver mail….listen to the radio….say hello to my customers…and for the most part, I’m pretty independent.

I’m timed….I have time restrictions and deadlines….there’s stress….it’s not an easy job….but…it’s a good job.

I like being able to take care of my family.

Man, though, I wish that I was out in the world doing stuff like this.

Not “alone”, though.

Where I am is where my family is.

To wake up seeing a different sunrise occasionally is a good thing.

To wake up seeing a sunrise over the ocean would be about as different as anything I could experience.

I wonder if we could do that?

sailing…..after crowdfunding…

OK….here’s one more about sailing.

Check out the mention of crowdfunding and Patreon at the end of the video.

Of course, you have to have content that people would want to watch to make any money at it….but…it’s possible.

Make some videos….sail around the world.

Sounds good.

(A short PS….later in the morning: the cart doesn’t ever come before the horse. You have the adventure….make the videos…and maybe something will happen that makes it all self-sustaining. You don’t get funding without something good to support. I know that…..)