We just got back from a Christmas road trip out West.

The minivan, in spite of being old and full of miles, is familiar and comfortable.

These folks are going out into the wilderness for a year.

By choice.

I’ll take my children out for a 20 hour drive in a crowded old vehicle…..crammed in and looking for the next rest area….but I don’t want to take them out for a year of hardship in the wilderness.

This is a wilder experience than driving 4400 miles over the course of two weeks of visiting family.

I’m glad we’re back home and the pipes are unfrozen and we have what we think we need to be comfortable.

Wilderness is a good thing.

Experiencing it is life changing and valuable.

This looks hard.

I get my family into all sorts of weirdness….but I will have to add this to my list of experiences to carefully consider….avoiding…. before we jump into a year of hardship.

If I can choose to avoid hardship…..then, why not choose to avoid hardship?

Video by Teaching Drum Outdoor School.

Smarter? Better? Richer? Faster?………Nahhhhhhhhhh

Wherever you are…..wherever you are….make the place you stand in a good place.

Make it good.

But….could you stand in a new place….and use all you’ve learned…and make the new place a good thing, too?

These people who do these things….travel and experience….etcetera….aren’t any smarter or more accomplished than we are.

They just go out and do them.

What new things can a year hold?

What are we going to do in the coming year?

Time will tell.

And….this year more than any before….I am going to bloom where I stand….while I stand here.

I will bloom wherever I plant myself.

what is behind….

Image result for gk chesterton fight for the ones you love behind

I heard an interview with a man named Brian Buffini yesterday.

He wrote a book called “The Emigrant Edge: How to make it big in America”.

He mentioned this quote….and I thought that it was pretty powerful.

What a lesson!

What a thing to remember.

Maybe motivation isn’t just getting amped up for getting something done….maybe it’s remembering who we’re doing it for.

I could fight a lot more battles for the people I love.

I think that I could rise to a challenge like that.


I saw a video and the woman had this word….AROHA…. tattooed on her arm.

She was down in New Zealand…..and I didn’t know what it meant when I saw it….so I looked it up.

It’s a Maori word.

Do you know what it means?

It means this:

1.(verb) (-ina,-tia) to love, feel pity, feel concern for, feel compassion, empathise.

What a great word!


It’s so much better than something like “Born to Lose”.



Our Alaskan Winter, 1949

I’m thinking about snow a lot these days.

There’s a certain romance in thinking about “rugged individualism” and the great white North….but, in reality, snow can be kind of a pain in the rear.

What good Norwegian would say something like that?

I’ll tell you who: a Mailman Norwegian.

If I’m just out getting some more wood to stoke the woodstove….coming in for hot choclate….learning to cross-country ski through a quiet forest…then I’d have to say that snow is the most amazing thing ever.

It doesn’t get any more magical.


But….being responsible for delivering a bunch of junk mail in bad weather sours me to all the white and slippery stuff.

I hope that I can just play in it someday and not worry about keeping the pieces of paper out of the elements.

I hope that snow is magical soon for me.